Love Andrew Tate and what he’s doing for this generation

I am 96kg of pure muscle with a perfect caramel complexion.

You should already know this Arnie. You have failed me. Do not let this happen a 2nd time.



Willie…what are you doing here young man

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Cozzar , have you started "Boxing " … “Again” ?

Have you decided to look for the rest of your IQ yet? And stop chasing for my attention like a dork.

Kinda cringe and weird that you put him as you pfp 😂


I have a lot of respect for the man and what he stands for and has achieved.

It won’t happen again , I just bought your shoes and punchbag infact

Good man, what size shoes did you get me. They better be my Armani ones….

They are size 10s i believe

They leave some room though.


Still kinda weird and cringe tho lol

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Learning lol 😂

Got your first fight booked as well , your purse is the chance of a ‘sincere’ apology

You think this is funny boy! Bring me my damn Armanis!!

Much better.

The closest you will get to a pair of armanis is if I wear a pair when I kick you up the ass

Damn it Arnie…you’re not that guy!!

Hell…I sure seem like that guy , keep on the juice and you really will be bald

What makes you think I ain’t bald! And trust me, your not that guy pal your not that guy