Making Fireteam Better for Hunt -- From a Full Time Predator Player

As a fulltime predator player, I win probably… 90% of my matches or more, or at least it feels that way, and sometimes I actually try to play around a bit to make it more fun. I could take on 5 or 6 fireteam members, and I would love if there was a mode where it was 5vs1 or 6vs1. Or maybe 8vs2 predators. I think the fireteam needs to be better or at least bigger. Thanks!

Btw, it would also be nice to have match history stats. And stats in general. Wins / losses. Favorite weapons and the total / avg dmg. etc

2v8 would work out only, and only if fireteam is split into Alpha/Bravo teams. Both teams doing different missions, both predators trying to kill both teams.

Given the already inexplicably short mission times fireteam has, this really isn’t gonna be a bad deal for most players considering everyone figures the in and outs of this game within a couple months or so… and most of us have been here from the beginning sooo… how bout something fucking fun?

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Buff FT

Nerf Pred


You face too many scrubs


Yes ft is way too op and every pred main winning 90% is proof of it 🙄


BlockquoteYou face too many scrubs

bro i think i could take 100 ps4 people lol

ft is broken , the problem is most ft players dont try to be good thats why they suck

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btw, I don’t think nerfing pred is the answer. And I don’t think giving FT more dmg and HP is the answer either. I think adding 5 or 6 FT members is better. Buffing teh HP and dmg of the FT would kind of make pred feel less powerful and fun. I say give the FT more people, like 5 or 6, and/or give them better tools. Vehicles? Maybe that big mech from Alien? Uhh… jetpacks? traps? didn’t Dutch catch pred in a trap at the end of pred 1? Like a tree trap? Maybe FT can get some trip wire or something like that? c4? C4 would be good.

Oh and make Danny Glover playable

maybe give FT dog companion that can smell pred. problem solved?

honestly C4 with a remote would be good. it would add some more tactics to the FT.

And maybe calling in airstrikes. Or an AI chopper with a minigun–Metal Gear Solid 5 has an AI chopperwith a minigun you can call in for support and it’s really cool.

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Play against a good ft and youl see that ft has the advantage and you’re wrong.

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he dont need to play vs good ft , he need to play vs 1 or 2 good ft members and 1-3 potatoes , he gonna lose and understand why he is wrong

… whats your win ratio against premade fts?..Then you can boast

I want to throw a shoe at you

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You clearly haven’t faced any good fireteams yet. Haha by the sounds of it You’ve only faced potatoes.

God dam it old man, you gotta stop getting angry.
You’re raising up your blood pleasure lol

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At least 2 tho.

2 can win 90-99% of games
but even 1 can beat good preds (been there done that )
ft broken af

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If one ft can kill them then they arent that good.
I mean purely 1v1 no help from other ppl, even a good ft wont win.

Unless you count running away on the chopper a win but I still dont see that happening.

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By the sound of it they sound new lol