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So as you can see the rumors are false and our Mando won’t be leaving us

I hate that they forced him to take his helmet off in season 1. And they couldn’t find better ppl to play the main villain. Uggh Every time I see that man All I think of his Breaking Bad character and how he ruined that show. Uggh so many better actors could have player him

Gus was good in breaking bad. James Cameron wrote him differently to other villains. There’s been plenty of Tony Soprano types (James Cameron enjoyed writing him too).


Why isn’t this on Blu-ray yet?

Oh wow I didn’t even know that 😳

I hate it when actors pick these kind of roles and then insist that the audience see their face.


looks disappointingly at Sylvester Stallone I forgave him because he made Rocky but…Karl Urban was a true Judge Dredd


I’m not going to spoil it but damn…what an episode


Ugggh go to work lol ugggh work sucks


I liked todays smaller scale ep more than the monster hunting.

Sue me but the mundane episodes where he just gets pulled over by space police or jumped by random bandits are the best and the most bounty-hunterish to me.

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That’s a fair point. And obviously we can’t have every episode being action packed with big twists and reveals etc. For me it just felt a bit too similar to the first episode with a lot less going on. I would go into a bit more detail but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so for now I’ll be 🤐

I think everyone just got used to this kind of TV because of GoT, the boys etc. Big episodic stuff where you miss a lot in one episode, whereas mando is more monster of the week style with a subplot that eventually brings everything together for a finale.

So people are like “grrr filler filler filler” rather than just enjoying the storytelling and worldbuilding. He’s not a jedi with the world at stake and I just like the small scale stuff.

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Boba fett is back?!

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Spoiler Alert !

I didn’t like this episode who likes escorting?

I like escort quests!

I like escorts! Especially in Vegas.

Of course you do lol

Episode 3 was a banger. No spoilers from me though 😬

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