Map Needs Repositioning

I feel the need to communicate my frustrations at the map currently in the game.
It is in dire need of reformating simply because the map’s information is hard to read. Icons are so small that it renders important placements of ammo crates as a blur.
Take a look at what it is now: Questino: How am i suppose to find what I need?
The map currently is about 1/3 if the screen. 1/3?!!! Are you kidding me? It should be at least 1/2. This kind of formatting screams incompetence at the college level!

Here is a reformatting based on the fact that Predator damage information could be reformated, and AI kills too, as well as squeezing out the empty space in the name fields. Scaling the map to meet 1/2 the screen is a nobrainer for all four maps.


I think we could do better
Hiding the XP and Predator damage would free up more space
Once the end cutscene starts playing then we can have the current layout

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true they dont actually need to appear during the match, it only needs to appear after.


The Gonk Droid is god incarnate, and therefore does not have any problems analyzing the map, but I do understand that it proves frustrating for you all, my children. As such, I do support this.
May the Gonk be with you.

Estaría bien que la radio, munición y curas estuvieran en sitios estratégicos y no aleatorios?

You can destory all ammo crates and med kits, so for you to know where they are all the time (pretty much everyone knows where they are now) is pretty advantageous.