Red Map, Red FT, Red Grenades, and RED BOARS?

Getting right to the Point.

A screenshot from my Ps4, looking at the FRIENDS TAB.

Can you see it?

Taken off my Ps4, put into gimp, and darkened the Value down passed 60%.

Ah, there we go.


I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while.
But it didn’t seem worth bringing it up.
It still doesn’t.

I feel like people dont have this problem enough to address right now.

(And I’m not talking about the WANT to change colors and huds.
I’m speaking from the point of, some people probably can’t see some things within the game.
Because of the colors they are put next to or against.
Myself included.)

Since I checked the topics under COLORBLIND and only got three result.

and two Comments mentioning.
"I would feel bad for people who are red colorblind." by Afius
"I would like colorblind settings added tho." by DhRauta
IF PHG ever does grow and flourish one day.

I want to suggest maybe an Advanced Hud Color Changer in the Video tab under Options.
As I’m sure many have wanted some color changes.
I just want to push the suggestion, to help those that can’t see some things.


I’ve had to adjust my gameplay style for my handicaps.
I personally cannot see similar colors on top of similar colors.
There is a Red grenade in that Red Map.
But I can’t see it.
It will take more time for me to point it out.
By that time it will have blown up though.
Ah that’s a good chunk of health gone.

I now just panic jump away in hope I don’t actually jump on top of it.

I can see that though.
A bright Red against a Green Landscape.

Again, there are Boar Icons on that Map.
They are Red, on a very similar Red map.
I can’t see them.

But I can see that Icon.
Once I’m close enough for it to appear.

I often find myself spending more time looking for the Boar I killed, then actually making my way to it.
I’ve even said to myself.
"I know it’s over here, just gotta find the icon".

I know some are going to say.
"I can see it just fine".
And that’s fine.
I also know some are gonna say.
"Well I can’t see it either, but whatever I dont use the hud anyways".
And that’s also okay.

But, personally I would like to use a tool that was given to us to use still.

Does it ruin the experience in the end?
Well yah.
But the game is still fun.
I lose my mind with hysteria when I see FT HURL GRENADES AT ME.

Panicking like "NO, MY ONE WEAKNESS!

But as an Example:

This would be my personal color choice to help me out.
image image
Inverted against Dim Red vs Reds on Reds.

I’d go for this just because at least the FT can hide amongst some inverted shrubs and buildings.
But I can at least still see moving objects out in the open against the Dim Red.

I don’t expect to see this change anytime near.
But hopefully if PHG survives this year, maybe it could be considered down the line.

Or heck,
maybe they already addressed this issue.
And Made the colorblind settings in the Main menu.
Jokes on me that it’s Black Text on a Black background so I cant see it anyways.
Still gonna try though


This is indeed something that needs to be fixed.
I’m not color blind and even I have a hard time telling seeing these things on my mini map.

Now, I’m being very honest here but I can barely make out the 2 boar icons in this

Another thing is that the icons on the map and mini map are hard to distinguish even while playing FT, because they are to small.
Hell FT have spot colors that are hard to see, witch are Dark Blue and a Dark Green. Both Colors Are Hard To See

I think @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet and the @moderators should look at this, as well as this other post about reformating scoreboard map so it’s easier to read.

I do believe that both of these posts need to be implemented, to help convey important information to the player



This would be a wonderful Qol change. I like how clear and concise you guys were and am 100% behind this.


Little off topic: Man I want another Conker’s Bad Fur Day game, to bad the sequel was canceled


Microsoft could be like this

But until they make a sequel I only have one thing to tell them

Pretty much sums it up

Had a couple times I am standing on top of the icon on the map, but no boar start looking around and usually the boar is 10ft away in that area which in game icon doesn’t appear unless standing on top of it.

Think maybe the map and actual items aren’t quite in sync or maybe it’s left that way on purpose

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Yeah I have this problem as well.

I think Predators should be able to see dead pigs icons if they are within 60-70m, and not be forced to literally have to be standing on top of it.


Why don’t they just add a visible marker on the active play screen like how one sees FT players icon through walls? That would solve the bore problem if they can’t add miniscule details to the minimap. This would also allow at least one to see if they need to go under or over obstacles in which the map cannot show (elavation).

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Man do I miss that game.

I think adding that would help.
Or add like a smoke effect coming off the Boar.
Like “sent”, that way you can see the cloud from afar.

Really anything to make it more obvious that the Boar is there.
But, they should still add something for the mini map.
Grenades are hard to see.
Marked FT are Red, still hard to see.
Even AI skull claims are Red and can be confusing.

I just hope that they work on this at some point.
It’s rather odd to have icons so hard to see when they give valuable information to gameplay.


Well I strongly believe it’s because they really don’t see it as an issue in any way, or it’s because we haven’t voiced our concerns about this as loudly.
The main reason we don’t talk about the problems with the mini map and the scoreboard map is because we’ve been focusing on other big buggy messes

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The thing that pisses me off is every time isolation is used it blinds you for the first sec.

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This is true.
I didn’t want to say anything, but when they dropped the new FRIEND hud.
And I saw that.
I just thought to myself.
“Who greenlights this stuff before release”.

It just, I dont want to see this become a habit.

But hopefully once they fix the more major issues.
We can see this issue be tackled finally.

crossing fingers

Maybe they can implement an off feature for that.
I get Transitioning but if its bothering people, then we could push for it hopefully.

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I also find myself thinking about that for a lot of thing in this game