Let’s talk about Haribo gold bears

Er wait, I mean Cannibis



How do you know if someone smokes weed? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

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How do you know if someone’s a sociopath?
Don’t worry, they’ll tell you

How do you know if someone is a spy?
Don’t worry, they’ll tell you

its those drama @Fire…ignore them. they aren’t anything like us. were good guys. Were Almighty.

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Most won’t, but I do just to see how much I can get a person to bend to my will even once I tell them what I really am and that they are only a tool to me.

I was almost sent to prison for growing cannabis, good times 🧐

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@NamelessPred pee

Time to send you to the atomic bong shop

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It’s actually a lot more productive for sociopaths/manipulators to keep people unaware of ‘what they really are’. If you’re just doing it for kicks, sure tell em, but if you want to actually use them for anything it’s best to keep people convinced that you are a normal person with their best interests at heart. Most victims of manipulation will be unable to tell what’s going on, even when using some of the more well-known tactics such as putting yourself down and what I have dubbed the ‘love flood’ (i.e. when a manipulator showers the victim with affection and attentiveness). Even people who know what to look out for can be swept up if they are emotionally depraved enough. The thing is, a good manipulator will pull off the manipulation without the vic ever knowing, and I’ve listened to patients tell me stories about partners who were ‘perfect’ and then broke it off suddenly, when in reality it was just a well-crafted manipulation from the get-go. Now, I’m not saying don’t manipulate people - it can be productive and even beneficial - but if you commit to it, you gotta see it through or you can really fuck-up some people emotionally.

As much as I like to joke about it, I am a secondary sociopath from a traumatic brain injury that almost killed me. Somewhat unique that I still retained my morals, as I developed them before, but all emotions are extremely blunted. We’ve already established that I’m a pathological liar, but I oft use it mainly to get myself out of shit and then secondarily for laughs. So while I’m one sociopathic motherfucker to people who wrong me, I’m genuinely a good guy to most people and well respected in my community. Can’t care about most anything, but once in a blue moon I’ll find something I give a fuck about. I often choose to be purely logical, as my emotions are just hinderances. And I don’t have empathy anymore. Have to logically remind myself that I used to feel and the people around me are real human beings that feel, and logically think through how my actions may effect others.
I don’t tell it to most people, especially those associated with me. Only ~3 people know what I really am. 2 are just people that I know who I told them to fuck with them, 1 is my best and only true friend who also has psychological problems and suspected for a while. I’m only open about it on here because nothing can be traced back to who I am irl.

I am a skilled manipulator, however I typically only use it for benefits of the people that have proved useful to me. Ie manipulated a good friend to go to college when she wanted to do so, but she was on the fence about it despite the fact that the job she wanted needed a degree to work for it. Helped her decide to do college in my own way. Then I left her, because I don’t like people getting close to me, and I’d rather her think I just gave her good council and was a good friend than know what I really am.

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Just outta interest, what exactly happened? I’m a nosy sunnuvabitch lol
Besides, the definition of ‘sociopath’ is completely subjective. Technically, psychopaths and sociopaths are exactly the same thing (i.e. someone who has been diagnosed with A.S.P.D.). Personally, I take the term ‘sociopath’ as somebody with completely muted feelings. As often as not, this in reality will not cause anyone any harm, and it’s good to see I’m right at least some of the time lol
Also can we all take a second to appreciate how weirdly wholesome this is? Like this has to be one of the first wholesome events that has ever happened on this forum, and it’s an ex-therapist and a secondary sociopath basically having a discussion about their mental differences lmao

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Excellent! I typically prefer to refer to it as what it truly is, ASPD, but most common folk know it better as sociopathy!

When I was like 8-10 a metal beam was repeatedly applied to my skull to the point that I had to be observed in the hospital for a long time for swelling. Couldn’t talk, walk, see, or speak. Fucked my memory permanently too. Almost destroyed my short term and my mind compensated by bringing my long term to bear photographic levels. Can’t remember much anything clearly before that, only a couple highly impactful events, and can’t remember a month or two after it. At least now in the last year or two my short term has been slowly recovering, although idfk why I the recovery was delayed by a decade.

You are completely right that it is not harmful all of the time. I grew up in a mostly stable house and have a high IQ, and am a productive member of society despite my mental differences. I’ve got better at impulse/thrill seeking control, and while I do still break the law on occasion, it has not and will never harm anyone other than myself, and is very small stuff now. I held down jobs well, and am an excellent student in my pre medical track at college.

Also yeah, this is wholesome.

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Well shit just went from 0-100 real fuckin quick lol

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That actually explains a lot

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That’s what I was told anyways. I obviously don’t remember it.

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You’d better hope it does. A high functioning individual with ASPD such as myself is actually the best doctor you can have for an important procedure. Surgeons and anesthesiologists actually have an insanely high rate of individuals with ASPD because we simply aren’t affected by the work and it’s danger, meaning we are more likely to get the job done quicker, better, and right the first time.

Now I’d make a shit therapist given the whole blunted feelings and general lack of natural empathy, but if you need a job done right the first time with near 100% accuracy, I’m your guy.

It’s only the low to mid functioning ones you have to look out for.

The low functioning ones are your serial killers, murderers, and career criminals and have extremely poor impulse control and lack foresight.

The mid functioning ones will live a moderately functional life, maybe a few non-serious run ins with the law, but will try to destroy those around them by manipulation.

And us high functioning ones are extremely long term planners with good impulse control, and realize that harming people and majorly breaking the law is bad for ourselves in the long run, so we don’t tear those down around us and seek to work a high paying job so we can live comfortably. Typically mostly use manipulation to advance our selves and our careers. Can also on very rare occasions form bonds with others, but it is an obsession like care. Example would be me and my dog. He’s really the only thing I give a fuck about, and I would literally kill for him. I’d choose spending time with him over any other human without a second thought.

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I might be a serial killer then lmao
Tbh, you don’t really need to feel anything to be a therapist. You just need to be able to understand how feelings affect other people. It’s the same with religion; it’s incredibly powerful and holds massive sway over most people’s lives. And amen to the obsessive care for your dog, it’s like that with me and my lil bro.


I mean obviously I’m speaking in general terms, each individual will be different.
And good impulse control in this context means being non-violent and planning out crimes.

My impulse control has gotten better the older I get.

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