Marvel’s Predator Comic Book News

👆Article can be found here to read on what the story is about and the thoughts of the creator of the story when interviewed.

Leaked Photos found here 👇

What do y’all think?


Okay I’m interested. I can see how this goes wrong but also how it could go right.

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New DLC confirmed

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I’m kinda the same, getting alittle Machinko vibes. Like I said about the Prey movie I think Imma stay on the fence till I read it.

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Ngl I’d love to have Fireteam have a full deck of Yautja Armor similar to Noland

Doesn’t really tell me much. There is no dialogue. now don’t say "you dont need dialogue!’

Oh god oh no

not a fucking human dressed as Pred with an Iron-Man armour

fucking Marvel I swear
I know we shouldn’t judge a product before it’s out, but this “human-centric view” drives me nuts.

I hope it won’t be totally trash.


Fingers crossed, it’s a interesting idea.

when planet is made of mushrooms for trees you know its get gud time.

Not for my taste, I’m sorry 😟

but we’ll see, fingers crossed indeed.

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Could this be Royce ?

Never mind just read the article


Is it a reboot of Machinco but like name change same story lol



It was reassuring to see that the guy writing this new series actually has a passion for the character and the license wasn’t just dumped on some guys lap and forced to make a comic series of it. Im admittedly nervous seeing a human make quick work of a predator and fearful of this comic just making predators look bad, however the writer emphasized that he still wants it to be known that the predators are the apex killers despite being hunted and that its extremely dangerous to do so. So with that in mind I’m hoping this series is bad ass!


Yeah reading that was comforting, but the guy also said that this new protagonist already killed a dozen Pred, in search of the one he seek

that a little too big of a number, I know we are in the future, but still damn! It might be strongest human in the entire Predator history… They should have shot a little lower imho.


At least she is fully decked out in predator gear and weaponry though it doesn’t make any sense that the armor would fit her

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STOLEN from a Hobbit.

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Looks dope.

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kind of like subject matter exceeds its cooler exterior.