Marvel’s Predator Comic Book News

I mean Dutch & Isabelle have a high kill count but then again their not canon. I’m not sure who else in Predator comics that’s human and Canon has a high kill count of Predator (maybe Dutch’s Brother).

Also this character is said to be a women, so I’m kinda getting Machinko vibes and hope their just as badass 🤞

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Yeah they seem like they are fully protected, and since we are talking about he designs……what’s up with the Dreadlocks on the mask? I don’t really understand it even when they cut all of their hair off (which is a good tactical move). As for their armor fitting……I got nothing except she either grew into it or tailored it to her build 🤔

So a YOUNG girl is going to be stalking and hunting an Apex space hunter(s)…………………….

This franchise and creature can’t catch get a break from shitty writers and developers…

At some point everything and anything will kill a predator.
but have to keep an open mind rite, 😒


a female…homosexual…hm goes against the political right wings? a perspective only 5% understand, correct? well…since its a political statement I’m ALL IN! Give them 30k dollars for trying…but i’ll leave the funding to the government parties involved with its development.

Is Dutch’s brother even canon ?

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I’m not sure anymore, what is and isn’t canon is a huge mess. I wanna say yes, however I think it’s kinda best to follow what @HonorWarrior describes as canon, with movies being the focused head canon and the comics being expanded Universe which is light canon to not canon.

Personally I’d like to think as all forms of Predator media as Canon with a few I don’t make acceptings for like Archie and such.

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For me I go with the movies and anything that tied into them without breaking the canon like the Neca stories of the movie preds. The rest I see as expanded universe.


Everyone look at the predator preview comic and put fat on a stick and rotate it!

YOOOO THATS ME TOO! If it doesn’t fuck with the current timeline of the Predator Movies then it’s canon to me, kinda the same way how I fully accept PHG’s lore because it’s like the perfect headcanon….sadly it isn’t canon. @OldKingHamlet wait now that your here can you officially tell us is Predator Hunting Grounds Canon to the Predator Universe?

PHG is not canon

How could it be?

Until they do a Terminator crossover that is

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Wait what? A lot of people said it was canon even though I heard them say it wasn’t……also Bots have glowing eyes sooooo you might get that

Jungle Hunter was killed in '87 yet he is still hunting in 2025?

Dutch 87

It’s a fucking mess

I don’t give a shit what marvel does anymore. They’ve fucked literally every character they have in the last 5 years. Now, not even Spiderman, marvels sacred cow is safe from the fuckery. Predator will be just as bad.

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That’s part isn’t. It’s just the story not the gameplay.

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Can we stop doing the humans in full blown predator cosplay thing?
It’s so fucking bad fucking comics I swear.

Who is out here asking for Predator to become a superhero suit?



I’d say it is an it’s own universe since illfonic says it is apparently but that’s not confirmed unless Disney/fox says it is and we get a future movie with Dutch or Isabel and we get some context that’s the same as the games story. Obviously the gameplay and JH or CH and Wolf and all the movie preds aren’t actually alive it’s just for gameplay purposes and I’m referring yo what Badblood said about JH being alive.


What story?

Stories have a beginning middle and end

This game barely has a beginning 🤣

Fuckin trash and if you like this disrespect your predator fan card has jus been revoked

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The audio tapes just being Dutch and Isabelle but that would be it and isn’t true canon since Disney hasn’t confirmed it that I know of just illfonic and the book that is a prequel to the game but I feel we still need a movie that includes one of them


lmao I dont understand who this is for

I get Illfonic’s angle where they try to draw preds in with a bunch of conflict and kill them and reverse engineer their tech for guns, medical, and spaceflight purposes. Not to dress up as them and run around with sticks dueling them in some space samurai bs

who tf is pushing this lazy predator killer suit garbage at Fox.
same themes.

I guess if the protagonist was a predator they fear the comic wouldnt be relatable so they just stuck a human in there so we can get some bad dialogue & watch a superhuman run around flipping from trees?

what even is this franchise