I main a Dutch 87 w/ Fanatic for my hunt class. I can’t decide if the Merc 87 gun is more viable than the Hammerhead with extended mag.
Has anyone ever tested these 2 side by side with Yaujta’s Bane + Dutch’s hip fire dmg?
I can’t figure out if the 87 dmg is better vs the extended clip essentially.

Both are stellar weapons

It comes down to if you want the extra range or not

Try the other classes

They add much needed variety and are also fun


Merc is better at close range hammerhead is better at long range

that’s it otherwise here

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Great, thanks for the link!

Merc with Assault class Bane and weapons training just shreds everything

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Most of the time I can down a Pred when he get’s too close and cocky with the Merc87. It just melts them with the hip fire spam. Works like 95% of the time every match for me lol.

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More than one way to skin a cat though

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No it’s 100% not. Hammerhead is way better. You physically can’t wind most preds with a full point blank mag of the mercenary. And in this game that is very very very bad


I agree. The merc is slightly better burst dps, but extended mags are so important. Also, I like dot sights and scopes.


Are you on console? If so I guess because of the aiming with the controller the mercenary is good. If you’re on PC take a big dump over the mercenary and never use it.

The Hammerhead is the best AR (overall) in the game. Second to that is GOSL-R. If you think its a predator that would push melee use AR-W.

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Absolutely. I’ve second winded so many predators that think they can win in a DPS battle against the AR-W with melee. It’s a great weapon for assault deadly.


It’s called a magazine, not a clip.

You suck with every weapon anyway, Fantardo