Mortal Kombat 2021 .... ouch

It’s about as good as PHG … 😔😕… but it’s a damn sight better than Annihilation.


I just watched it , not the worst and probably not what people expected . I’m sure there will be a follow up and more expanded . This seems like something to test the waters and see if making a cinematic universe would be a good investment

This films smells of executive finger fiddle fucking up basic story arc structure. The first 15 minutes was what I was hoping for…the rest not so much. The fight scenes were okay… all I can say is hire Tobias as an writing advisor or the next film (if there is one) will be the last.

I think there will be another , avoiding spoilers , it wasn’t that bad

Is it better than the OG movie?

Or at least on par with it?


I watched before going to work this morning! Its alright, it fits the gore and straight up fighting of the game but the acting left me wishing they didn’t make it and just left it and made full length animated movies of the franchise


If its successful they are doing another 2 or 3 movies .

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Better with gore and maybe the fighting , but the original holds a special place in my heart


Too bad they went with a modern style

I wanted them to do the first game

I hope not. Warner Brothers needs to step up and say there love action movies suck major Donkey Cock and we should just stick with what we are good at. The scorpion movie is a billion times better than this movie with all its plot holes and universe errors!

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Its sort of a mix between worlds , to be fair . If its anything like the games? It is definitely the last couple

They done my boy goro dirty

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They always do him dirty. Tbh he should get a stand-alone series where they show the civil war between his ppl

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It’s not. Atleast that movie was hilarious and bad in a good way.
Sub zero scenes were ok otherwise its just another episode of the writer-insert mary sue main character wins while your favorite characters fuck around in the background.
Why not use lui kang or cage as the lead atleast?

They have yet to surpass a web series on a $5 budget.

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You can die on that hill if want. Your op not mine.


It’s okay I prefer the 1995 film

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What I think @Finessology means is Annihilation is like Buckaroo Banzai.

It’s so bad it becomes good because your amazed people were able to act their way through it

There you go.

Whereas this was just cuts of MK characters throwing stuff at eachother in bathrooms and parking lots and being saved by the mary sue and his wife.

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I really just wanted an excuse to bring up Buckaroo Banzai 😁