Mr. Black predlocks look great

Too bad they’re bugged out as fuck… didn’t this come out in October?


I prefer exiles, they’re way better than elders.


Shut your mouths and consume , CONSUME!!

some people are just so ungrateful 🙄


Well I won’t be consuming exiles predlocks anytime soon I know that much.


So entitled 🙄.

Typical that you think because you were sold something with a certain cosmetic (hair) , that you should receive said item? You are the problem with gaming today…my friend 👉🏻


Maybe if I was more grateful of their work in progress items that were sold for full price then maybe I could have gotten it. It’s my fault for expecting finished products.

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This is a huge step , you are bettering yourself by admitting your faults , I’m proud you have taken this step 🙏


It’s my greatness and humbleness that allows me to better myself.


Well, they don’t look like movie predlocks at all, I have a comparesment photo in one of my posts on feedback:

Way to slim and not the right shape and size. Default female dreds look more movie accurate than those

All looks perfect to me , maybe you need 👓

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I’m compiling a theory as to why their body frame is shit. Just need to gather some tangible proof…

Take a look at Isabelle, a good look at her body frame and armor. Then look at Mr. Black/Falconer. Something fucky about how the armor fits on their frames…

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Get a picture of the body…😎

ok, I’m genually intrigued. What am I looking for?

Doesn’t it seem like they just ripped the armor from Isabelle instead of creating a custom model for the Predator frame? Look at the caster slot on both armors, the straps on the belly. I can’t unsee it and it really feels like something went goofy here

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Any clues if Tracker gear is on Izzy? I can’t seem to find anything yet.

chicken or the egg right? Who got made first, then again, what difference does that make? 3D is a scalable thing.

You’re such a shill.

Laziness of the devs….

You smell

Hey guys did you know young blood locks are the same a crucified? Ya don’t try looking apparently he doesn’t even have his own locks but ya look at pics I’m so happy I finally look like jungle hunter 87 😁