Multiple preds vs more FT would save the game

Just saying. I’m 100% sure this would bring everyone back. But what do we, the people who play the game, know.


I would love that but I think it would kill the predator que. If they make 2v8 or 3v12 its really going to kill it for preds.

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I agree but FT incentives could be made. Like, kill 100 predators with a weapon to receive a Pred Hunter camo. Bro I’d GRIND ft to get those skins. Or something of that nature. Just give us a reason to play ft in that mode, and I know I’d love to

To be honest, I prefer hunting solo, plus I think the matchmaking times would be even worse with the increased number of players needed for these games.

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Is it so much to ask for?

Fair enough. This is just my opinion

Maps won’t work. Cause the maps are all similar anyways. So after 2-3 times you’re like, yep. Same old

I think many will agree with you anyway.

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I would only agree if the preds were frenemies

Meaning they could kill each other if they wanted to but it would probably be better for them to team up at least until… The ft start to dwindling


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Night mode variations of the existing maps would make all the differnece since it affects all maps.
A 2nd Predator addition would be interesting if there were an option to a single class onto both preds. Otherwise you’d get two completely random dudes where one of them set their default to a purple skin shader and the other just wants to facepalm.
Still it would be cool if both sides had an option for forced challenges in terms of loadouts. Like Only Recon Class, or Support Class, etc, etc.

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Well hate that idea hahah always disliked predators fighting

Badbloods exist I’m afraid

I see it helping the ques for Predator, but only due to if you have 3 load in together as a squad it’ll be faster queuing up. On a side note, it’ll also make the solo hunts que shorter for solo players due to more people wanting to play squad hunts.

In the end could see it as a win win

Yes and No… at this point in life i am lead to believe that society gone too far and there are too many people wanting their own thing to be added in game rather to have more fuller groups of people wanting specific stuff for this GAME CONCEPT

I already suggested a game mode but unsure what to call it… either way it would be

  • 3 v 12

Buuut… its generally 3 preds vs same team people but in different teams… sort of like if u played SQUAD or Battlefield 3-4 or any game like that where u spawn in a UNIT


  • Alpha - 4
  • Beta - 4
  • Charlie - 4
  • Echo - 4


  • 3 Predators

(but u cant have same pred class) or u can but idk just the optional thing… to keep it more fun and unique…

Basically… the match is played on semi big map, at least the size of 2x excavation map!

Each team unit has to patrol the area and contribute into their own intel gathering too exfil and win… so all 4 teams contribute big long progress bar (which fills up slowly if one or two teams are slacking or killed)

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All I want in life is a Predator game with a dark souls invasion/covenant system fr

Yeahhhh but I have never really been too excited at the idea of pred fights. What makes predator a compelling story is them hunting humans

They need to get creative with the maps, give us a city map and see how much people are going to love that. Make the existing maps in night mode but do something so the predator does not have an insane advantage because of it.

I say keep hunt as it is and keep adding to it.


City maps or even city like game modes would be basically to make or even make fair, predator does not even have insane advantage lmao… but to answer this first…

City maps and modes considering city life environment would be hard to do cause first of all FPS would tank to like 10 fps or worse… cause they cant even keep up with like at least 20 NPC’s on the maps without game bugging out… reason for that is they keep the assets below the map ACTIVE while they should be in IDLE causing game to lag… idk why but this was discovered back when game got released by the DATA MINERS

My point is…

All the future game modes should be fair and nobody gets any sort of insane advantage cause of it… so lets say night mode exists… and its hard to see in dark for fireteam, fireteam should automatically come in packing flashlights on guns without having to equip them in MENU… cause flashlights work only for that mode of course.

Flashlights in this case would be auto-rechargeable and high illuminated
Predator’s thermal vision lets him see better or clearer to be exact and can distinct mudded people from NPCs…

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