Multiple preds vs more FT would save the game

Hell no.
I want actual pred team.

Being forced to play a FT after a successful Pred match would be someting i could get behind. But that may not be very helpful if there are a great number of curious novice Pred players. It wont help at all.
Analytics would help with how illfonic would balance shit out.
A penalty for loosing as predator might be something. Preds already get low gains with XP and V, so even less so to the point of them getting negative gains might be something that deter one from playing as pred.
So lets say they don’t stick to that pred Honour system and what ever that may be will give either give them gains or not. Maybe this system of honour should make it difficult to earn any V at all.

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If i understand it correctly, lowering pred V and XP gains and raising them of FT would make people play FT at least for that sake.

I think even though peed co-op will draw lots of players, there will still be plenty of others who will like to see how it is to be on the other side.

In the end, illfonic should make an incentive for playing FT in some way and that may lower pred queue

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I agree 100%
A new mode will save it. But only a multiple pred mode. Not a stupid mode like clash. Hopefully that gauntlet mode will be 3 vs 12. I mean, when we get isabelle from predators, why not a predators mode? I would love it!

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Nah, any good predator can’t be beat by 1 FT. You can keep on saying it, its false. If you think you can solo a predator you never faced a good predator. Not even Arrow (probably the best or one of the best FT player) can solo Proxi.

I don’t think so. I could not care less about XP (max level) and V just as much. I don’t even collect V from the map anymore. Don’t need anything anymore.

You’d just have a lot of angry Pred mains killing themselves in their first seconds as FT. That or they’d simply abandon the PHG in disgust at being forced to play a character option/mode they have no interest in.

I guess. It’s interesting how peed mains hate to be on the other side so much though.

Other solutions can be found

I have no interest in a generic FPS, and if I did I’d play a better one (which there are many of). On the occasions I’ve played FT I’ve found it to be dull, and the Pred easily defeated in many cases.

Obviously many do enjoy it, so I’m happy for them to continue to do so.

Fair enough. Then long queue times for now

Pred queues are always going to be longer than FT ones for the simple mathematical reason of the 4 vs 1 player slots, and the fact that many buying this game did so because they wanted to play as Predator.

That’s why the Devs have tried to incentivize playing as the FT by making it easier to play and win on that side.

In fairness to the Devs, balancing an asymmetrical game and ensuring you’ve got enough players for both sides is a very difficult task.

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I felt the same way. But a few months back when they buffed the cloak and before the specializations and several other FT buffs I enjoyed playing FT a lot. The predator was finally scary again. But in true asswiping form, Illfonic came back to save their precious FT with more broken pred ass fucking mechanics.

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