MUST Illfonic add Jungle Hunter 87 for all people that bought game past pre-odrer phase? Vote now!

[MUST Illfonic add Jungle Hunter 87 to the game to all post-Pre Order people? (
I love democracy!

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Majority of people that bought Predator Hunting Ground never heard of the game to begin with, and when their sudden spike of obsession with Predator franchise arised again they accidentally discovered that there is actually new game about favorite alien psychopath mass murderer that came out. Unfortunately too late and these people now can’t play as original predator from Predator (1987) motion picture movie directed by John McTiernan nowdays a renowed Disney family friendly classic.
People on Illfonic forums gathered around to decide fate of those people. Should they finally recieve the body or be content enough with crumbs that Captured costume is.

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Pffff here we go again… Even After captured😑😑




No. You have Captured. Now shut up about JH.


not the same thing

I fucking knew it! I knew somebody would make a release JH thread even after his clone got released. Mods ban this guy, ban him immediately.


Welcome to the forum. 👍🏻
You’re gonna love it here!


It’s not a clone. Necklace and skulls missing, net too.

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thanks for warm welcome!

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I’ve said this before that the differences are extremely subtle

  • Captured has damaged mesh on right side
  • Captured does not have the bone necklace
  • Captured armor is more crude with “hammer forged” type indentations throughout it

Apart from that, they’re identical. Anyone after the JH look could absolutely rock the captured skin with the ‘87 mask from the Field Locker or the Elder mask and no one would notice any difference.

It does suck that you don’t have the 87 Jungle Hunter for sure but the “Captured” Predator is identical enough to give you that same look that your looking for. Pick up the DLC and grind away to get the 87 mask without damage and your all set!


I want 87 body, those subtle changes are important. No reason to not release it.

The Captured and Jungle Hunter are essentially from the same clan so they wear the exact same armor.

What we have in game is actually a bit too close to the 87 Jungle Hunter, making it somewhat partially screen inaccurate.

The Captured Predator in game is wearing a piece of armor on the outside of his left bicep and has a hose that runs from the left gauntlet to that same panel of armor. That should not be present on the Captured Predator as it was not in the film. That set up was only present on the original 1987 Jungle Hunter.

Personally, I hope Illfonic removes the hose and bicep armor from the captured Predator in a future update to make it more screen accurate.


Only if they add Jungle Hunter to post preorder people.
Or else.

What do you mean?
Or else what…? 🤨


He Will whining in the forums over it for the rest of the year.


No you’re not getting jungle hunter it was a pre order Exclusive ONLY. Now shut the hell up.


There’s no reason to come off rude to him. Pretty surprising from someone that states in their bio that they don’t like toxic people…

The guy just joined the forum so let’s be welcoming. I’ve explained to him above how he can substitute the Captured for the 87 JH. Hopefully he realizes that they’re not so different and enjoys his time here at the forum. Being rude should not be the norm.


Thanks for warm welcome again. Just wanta Jungle Hunter suit, that’s all. Especially if they decided to change Captured to be more canon towards Robert Rodriguez underrated motion picture. Willing to pay.

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I totally understand why you would want the original. However, consider picking up the DLC, you won’t regret it.

As a massive fan of the game myself, I love all the skins they’ve released. The Captured is very cool and the battle damaged mask is an awesome feature. I’m glad they included it!

Have you unlocked the 87 Jungle Hunter mask by way of Field Lockers or hitting level 150 and getting the Elder yet?