My classes keep resetting to the default weapons after every single game!

After every quick play match I ply all of my classes keep resetting to the default weapons and I have to keep changing it. I have seen people report the same problem but many have said it should be fixed after deleting your saved game data, I’ve tried this over 10 times and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game… nothing is working. I have also seen people saying this problem occurs due to certain skins but I’m not that high leveled and barely have any skins. Very annoying bug, would really appreciate some help.

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If you play on PlayStation go to your storage the save game files and delete the Predator file. It’ll reset all your customization classes but you won’t lose anything you unlocked or any DLC. If it continues to do it probably just try completely uninstalling the game and redownloading it in your Application settings from storage. It worked for me in the past updates lmk if it works, PHG buddy
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Es un error que no han solucionado como las cuchillas del city hunter y la lanza.

Yea man I’ve tried deleting the saved game data and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Nothing is working…

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Is it for every single class or is it only set on the default class you have set? Maybe Try setting your class to a different default and once you load into a game switch the class out to something else?

I had something similar happen yesterday. I changed to my Dutch '87 class in the pre-match screen and I was given a totally different loadout, then when I went back to the customise screen after the match, all my perks were removed :/
The only thing seemingly unaffected was my appearance.

It’s for every single fire team class, I’ve tried setting different defaults but every class resets. It seems that everything resets except my character appearance.

Yeah for me it resets my class if i use my support class with PDL

I think I’ve figured it out… I stopped using Dutch’s knife on my classes and now they’ve stopped resetting

Check below here: Stuck in the air / Loadout reset reason. Maybe it will help you.

This problem was happening to me a few patches back and not naming my class stopped it