Stuck in the air / Loadout reset reason

  1. After a fight with a fireteam, I got a second wind, ran out of the building, made a big jump and … got stuck in the air next to the pipe. The predator could not jump further, only spin around its axis.

This is the place. Where the building stands right next to the pipe.

  1. Many have written about this, and I will write again. Samurai outfit is reset to default after each match by any character. I tried to put it in different slots, thinking that the problem is in certain slots, but the point is in the Samurai itself. In whatever slot you put it, weapons and mods will still be reset to those of the default character.


Well, I figured out the reason for the bug. This is due to the position of the gears. When there is an empty slot in front of the gear, a reset occurs.

This is a test of positions 1, 2, 3:

Full, empty, full - reset.
Empty, full, full - reset.
Full, full, empty - ok.
All full - ok.
Empty, full, empty - reset.
Empty, empty, full - reset.

@Courier, guys, please, send this info ^ to the team. We will wait for the fix. 😊

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