My dearest Illfonic

I hope you step on Legos every night for the rest of your lives. Choke on a dick, you fucksticks.


Legos are enough i think. No need for someone to mistreat their dick in such a way.

You should have also wrote, p.s.: cant wait for new content and balance/bug fixes

So rude, there’s a guy here recently wrote a post about how much he loves illfonic and he’s immensely happy playing this game)

0 constructive criticism on the very website owned by the very people you hate and advocate violence for. I am just waiting until I get accused being ‘‘Illfonic member’’, there always has to be some new defamations to be made.

If they offered you a job to of a media manager which is remote (from home), at $40000/year, would you take it?


Even if it meant that you can’t argue with folks here about anything from politics to game content/balance and can only reply with, ‘please be polite to each other’ or ‘please post that in the feedback section’? Job vs free speech

Credible threat of violence, hate speech, racism and xenophobia is not protected by the free speech and neither 1st amendment. Most of the 1st amendment absolutists do not even understand their own 1st amendment right. Like you presented it yourself too.

I mean you wouldn’t be able to engage with forum member no matter how mean they are to you. This post is an example of the stuff you’d have to turn tgr other cheek to

I suppose you would be able to ban people, but we all know how effective that is

They simply have not yet regulated it and organized themselves. There is always a line in everything. And as I said, read 1st amendment, those speeches are not protected by it.

Kass tried and it worked to an extent, but still a lot of bad comments were directed toward her. I think she got too involved hoping to be in friendly terms, but when the game fails, it a really difficult situation to manage.

Which indicates that she wasn’t trying nor cared too much.

Perhaps. What would you do to fix the forums, know that there are official rules/guidelines that still allow for a lot of mean things to be said? For example, how would you handle me or @Fire?

You are asking questions that you already know the answer.

I want specifics

Accordingly by following TOS. That is more than enough specifics that I will tell you.

Ok, would you bad @DISK for this post or DM him with a warning or do nothing?


Sorry, I meant to say ‘ban’

I would react appropriately according to the TOS.