My feedback on All Predator Classes.

Finally I was able to purchase All DLC Packs available so far, and I would like to share my General opinion on All Predator Classes, and how the next DLC’s may be added.

I could see that All classes of predators are based on one of the 3 basic classes that came initially in the game (Hunter, Scout and Berserker).

Hunter => City Hunter; Elder and Alpha;

Berserker => Samurai and Viking.

Scout => Valkyrie.

In my Assessment, I came to the Conclusion that the 3 Best Predators are:

  • The City Hunter;
  • The Samurai;
  • The Valkyrie.

The City Hunter, is the Best Equipped Hunter in the Hunter’s Class.
And particularly speaking, for me, he is the Best Predator in the Game.
Of all the DLC’s released, this is the one that was worth every Penny to me.

Of the Berserker type, the Samurai is the Best.
But I confess I was largely disappointed in him Not having a Secondary Weapon, some New Equipment, a Specific Roar and a Unique Skin Pattern.
But in terms of gameplay, for me he is the best of the Berserker type.

And of the Scout type, Valkyrie is Formidable.
Now I understand the reason for so many Comments making Praise for Her.
But as in the case of the Samurai, I was also very disappointed to see that She does not have a specific roar, a unique skin pattern and that no new equipment has been added for her or a secondary weapon.

@IllFonic, @Courier, @OldKingHamlet, these classes of predators that are added by DLC packs, and classes that are added, but that are different from the basic classes of the game, need to follow an added content standard.

I was impressed to see in detail, that these Specific Classes, do not have Mythical Items; Exclusives; Uniques.

The DLC needs to have something Really Different!.
Something that makes it worthwhile to spend the money!.

Here is a Definition of what a New Added Predator Class needs to have:

  • A specific roar. To facilitate the Dissociation of each Predator;

  • Mythical and Unique Skin Pattern with some Variations (Examples: City Hunter; Alpha and Elder - All have a Mythical Skin Pattern that is their Pattern, and some 4 Own Variations);

  • A Primary Weapon and a Secondary Weapon that is related to the Class. For example: Viking (Machado); Valkyrie (Hammer); Samurai (Katana).
    But they need a Secondary Weapon too! Even if it is one of the Weapons we already have in the Game, but with a Variant of that Class. For example, the City Hunter’s Combistick. We have the Standard Combistick, and a City Hunter Exclusive Variation.

  • New Equipment.
    Is this really necessary!.
    Predators have had very little equipment in the game since launch. In a Game Year, the Only Added Equipment was the City Hunter’s Pulse Launcher.
    Each Class must have its Own Equipment.

  • A Mythical and Unique Armor Pattern.

  • Mythical and Variable Preadlocks that match the Skin.

I am putting my Opinion and my Observations for the Next DLC’s, but the Classes that we already have in the Game, also need some mentioned Items.

Packages that make in-game fixes may contain these items.

Instead of adding Masks, War Paintings for Masks, and Customization Templates for Weapons and Armors, Please add what needs to be added!.

And I want to make it very clear that when I say “Exclusive Items” it is not that I want the Customizations to be really Exclusive for a Single Class.

Some things Yes. Like the Skin Pattern, the Roar, the Armor.
But Weapons, Predlocks, Equipment, Masks, for example, can be used on any Predator.

Because I know that many prefer to customize their predators freely.
But I like to make my Predators more Classic.
Each with their respective equipment, weapon, skin pattern, mask, etc.


Valk was actually a hunter variant pre-nerf.

I’d also count Samurai, Alpha, and current Valk as hybrids because of their stats.

No he’s not.

Sure you can run the wrist launcher and bear trap but the wrist launcher sucks and your losing the opportunity to run motion detector AND audio decoys.

He has worst perks than hunter just so you can run bear traps with a garbage gear item.

Ya he has the best stamina so that makes sense.


Valk did come with a hammer.

They just make the weapons free to everyone after a while.

Why do you think we have a Katana in the first place?

But Valkyrie has characteristics much more similar to those of a Scout Predator.
She don’t have the characteristics of a hunter.

I would say the Alpha is the second best Hunter-type Predator.

How not ?.
He is the Only Predator with 2 types of Masks; It is the Only Predator that has Specific Equipment for his Class; He is the only one who has 2 identical weapons that he used in the film *.

  • The Only Problem, is that the Smart Disk, does not have a City Hunter Variation like Combistick.
    The only thing that would be missing (which I will even post in another post later) is that He cannot use the Network Launcher. Because the Launcher is available as a Weapon, and in my opinion, this should be Equipment for Predators. That is Not a Weapon.

See it in a General Context.
And Compare with All Predators.
Hunters are the most balanced when it comes to gameplay.
And of the Hunters, He is the Best.

Yes, I know this is Early Access Only.

But I think Predators are missing items.
Every Predator has a Primary Weapon, a Secondary Weapon and their equipment.

But in DLC Packs, only one Primary Weapon has been added.

And No Secondary Weapon is being added, and No New Equipment.

For example, the Samurai.
OK, he has a Katana.
But a Samurai doesn’t use anything anymore ?.
Don’t they even have an Equipment ?.

I don’t know if you know this information, but the Samurai’s, they used 2 swords. Not only 1.
We could have a Variation of the Yautja Bow similar to the Samurai’s Bows and Arrows.
Or, the Shurikens, as a Second Weapon.

And for Equipment, we could have, for example, a Gas Pump, so that together with the Camouflage, the Soldiers could not see the Samurai coming to do a Stealthy Slaughter.

Pre-nerf she was literally power creeping Hunter.

We’re you not rating them based on power?

Or were you talking about worth?

Make an actual argument to support your statement.

Then why did you suggest giving the Samurai the Katana when he already had the Katana?

I evaluate everything in a general context.

I think City Hunter has everything a predator needs to be deadly.


  • As a hunter, he is not even as fast as a Scout, but neither is he as slow as a Berserker.

  • They have a very balanced movement both on the ground and on the trees.

  • In the Personalization part, it is Absolutely Complete. With a unique skin pattern; A unique roar; 2 masks; An Own Armor that is not like any other Predator; Their Predlocks are also different from other Predators.

  • In the Weapons and Equipment section, he has the Launcher on his Shoulders; The Wrist Launcher, the Wrist Blades, has its own Combistick, Can use the Smart Disk; And if the Network Launcher were a Device, it would have another Device !.

  • It can use 12 Gears and have 12 Perks.
    And it is the Only Predator that have a Speech of their own: “Want some Candy ?.”.

He already have a Katana!.
That I already know!.

Elder with stalker specializations is the best class by far in the game, in my humble opinion of course.

Using bow and disc with downrange makes a really strong combo. Full charged plasma shot deals 151 pure damage, that’s a huge damage buff.

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I think the Elder is the 3rd Best Hunter.

But in a General Predator Classification, I still have my doubts as to what position he is in.

I leave the Elder with only his Ancient Sword.
And no other weapon.
For Him to stay the same as in the Film.

I just think Illfonic needed to put the sheath on his waist for him to put the sword.

And I still have to find the 1715 pistol as a mythical trophy.

You need to look cool to be deadly apparently

So does everyone else.

Wrist launcher sucks.

So you 10 points like base but one less gear slot.

Last time I checked he had 10.

Appearance says a lot about the Predator.
Through his Appearance, we can identify in which Position of the Hierarchy that Predator is.

No. The others use Different Weapons !.
They have weapons that are common in all Predators.
But they use different weapons.

If you think it’s a “shit”, fine.
I think it is a Great Equipment.
And thank God that Illfonic made this equipment.
I think it should be a City Hunter Exclusive Equipment.

Tell me the hierarchy of the cosplay preds please.


It does 50 over time with a slow projectile speed, with half of that damage being burn damage so down range doesn’t Improve it, with no way to replenish ammo.

The bow is literally it’s better I’m every way.

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I don’t know exactly what the official predator hierarchy is at PHG.

But I know that depending on the size of their Predlocks, the weapons they use and the number of hunts and trophies they have, the greater their position in this hierarchy.

But I could clearly state that Alpha and Elder Lead this Hierarchy.

You made it seem to say that all predators are equal.

And I replied that there are differences between them.

But for City Hunter, perhaps the Wrist Launcher, is exactly what He needs.
If you equip it exactly as in the film, it will use either the Net Gun or the Smart Disc, and the Combistick.
When exposing himself, he can simply use the Wrist Launcher to save time and climb a tree for example.

Alpha is dead.

Also in general every Pred can use Alpha/Valk hair so everyone is an elder.


Also plasma caster.

Where did you see that?.

So, but at this point we fall into the question of Free Personalization of anything.

What I don’t particularly agree with.

But I respect those who want to personalize their predators and soldiers as they see fit.


Alpha is literally the original Yautja.

The first Yautja (or about)

He’s died by old age at this point.

“The Alpha Predator, called Kaail, was a Hish-qu-ten who lived and served in the society ruled by Amengi before Leading his rebellion. After the end of the rebellion, he became known as the “First Hunter”, " The Alpha Predator”, and is a legendary figure in Hish society.".

This is His Description.

And nowhere is it written that He is Dead.

On the contrary. He is Alive.

Yuatjas may have a Life Expectancy that goes beyond 1,000 Years.

But they don’t have an Exact Expectation.

Thousands of years, 2000 bare minimum. And we know that the Hish aren’t actually Yautja as they’re their own thing. Hish is a comic name that is based on the author’s own version of Yautja. They even stated that there is no solid genders and that the hish, like many insect and fish species, can kind of just switch genders. I digress though lol.

He’s deceased. Because the Yautja, and I’d assume the Hish, have been hunting for thousands of years, possibly hundreds of thousands of years so that man is certainly long DEAD

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I confess that I did not have this information.
But it only sustains my argument even more that He is Alive.

Show me a Proof that He’s Dead.

That was thousands and thousands of years ago.

We know this because Predators have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

And we know they die by old age.

So yes Alpha is dead.

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Sure, I’ll take a look around

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