Mythic Trophy Stealth Kills

I think it would be very cool if mythic trophies granted you access to a unique stealth kill depending on which one you have equipped

This would add an extra stealth kill not replace your main ones

Do you agree?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’d like to see how you could do a stealth kill with the flintlock and the western revolver


Sneak up behind them and blast their head clean off

With the revolver dump all six slugs into them in rapid succession

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Both seem really impractical and I love it



Why the hell not you basic SOB 😂

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Yes… And no.

I 🤔 (omg auto correct corrected think to an emoji. Auto correct needs to die.) That we should be able to change stealth kills but I don’t think they should be attached to trophies.

But if we can’t have that then ya give us some trophy kills.

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Because mythic trophies are random,and not given based on merit. So maybe special stealth kill animations after 1000 long claims or something.
Just my .02


Why tho?

It would give them purpose other than mere cosmetics! 😤



I mean, i would like new animations etc. but this is unecessary at first (imo)), they should focus on content first and not things like that and shaders. But i know that you only want shaders badblood ;) lol.
but of course it would be cool if the flint lock would blast the head off or something

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Shaders are life 🥴


Or maybe crack their head open with broken warhammer? Or maybe an execution inspired by the origin of the Trophy? Not necessarily having to use said trophy to kill them? Or maybe it unlocks a new Long Claim animation for the FT to watch?

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I think a few of the models would have to be slightly reworked so Pred can grab onto them and those are great ideas

But I think to add to the uniqueness of the trophies they should have specific animation

New long claims would be great too

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I like customization. And when you combine two separate cosmetics together I’m forced to run them together. What if I want the pistol execution and the spear trophy? I can’t do that if you put them together.

But if you make them separate I can.

All you’d have to do is change your trophy prior to the game for the desired kill

Doesn’t really make sense to me to pull a flintlock out of thin air

Read my response again

Are you talking about hand held or a trophy pistol?

I’m at a loss when you say combining cosmetics


Hand held doesn’t even have an execution

You can only have one trophy though

I don’t see why they couldn’t let you put on two trophies then you could select your preferred kill

Exactly. Meaning I can’t have a trophy and a separate stealth kill

I meant more in the sense that it might be a bit silly to crack someone over the head with a Bobcat skull, or it might be hilarious 😂, you take it a step further and make a secret or additional animation/SK/LC ect. If you match up trophies with certain weapons?
Katana+Broken Katana= Special Samurai Style Decapitation.
Warhammer+Norse Hammer= Special Hammer Execution.
So on so on

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