Nerf, or replace Dualist.

I like to think I’m unbiased in my critiques, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks Dualist needs a nerf, or it needs to be replaced with something else. Preferably nerfed. Seriously, Illfonic, this specialization is completely unfair to Predators, and can potentially ruin the game. But that’s my opinion.

So you want the only good thing on the lowest health class to be replaced?


Dualist is a glass cannon, they can deal a shit ton of damage mainly at close range however they can’t take much punishment at all.

A charged caster shot, charged arrow headshot, combistick throw, katana/axe/hammer heavy, sickle will pretty much leave them with little to no health especially with the new specializations. Disc will pretty much down you in one hit too.


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Naw Dog

Sure but I want more gear points, I mean the other Scout specs mostly suck unless you’re willing to trade guns during a match for the scav bonus but at this point being able to use the other gear would be nice… or they could just swap one of the others, for one that gives gear points, then you’ll see less duellists. Probably need to be about 3 gear points to make it worth it though.

Scout rushdown on airstrip is actually really good since they upped the number of AI and the majority of them are armored. Helps clear a lot of ground too.

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So I can run off by myself more than I already do?

Yes! So that I can take that pretty skull!


Fuck yeah because these other inferior classes don’t really understand how fast we really are.


I’ve actually really been liking the Prototype Plasma Rifle with Duelist or Rushdown on Scout.

Duelist is like the only thing FT Scout has that makes them have a different playstyle that isn’t powercreeped by Dutch 87 or Dante.


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Duelist, and Deadly. Unfortunately assault with deadly using the AK literally kills predators with impen on in 2 seconds flat close range

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I feel scout is meant to be, ya know. Your forward scout. Move up, clear camps, do objectives. Not literally have insta delete options lol just my thoughts

Sure do. But then again, this game spirit is to be played as a hunt, wear opponents out. Not to face them with open chest. Cause if ypu do, you have to be certain that you can kill 1 FT and jump out even if you go 2nd wind.
Just my 2 cents.

Scout has Bulids for just that as well. It just happens that Duelist is the better Specialization in general because it’s not as conditional and permanent. Plus they’re glass cannons anyway unlike the offensive powerhouses that Assault and Dante can be.

In a 1v1 you should not be killing the predator in 2 seconds lol

You can just put on thick skin and have 150 HP. And Dante is not an offensive powerhouse lol he’s just tank