Nerf Pred, Buff Fireteam

Predators have too much health and the damn handheld plasma caster needs to have limited ammo and not infinite fire capability.


are you stupid? predators are weak as fuck against a fire team. if your trying to down a predator by yourself then you deserve to die… and the handheld plasma caster does have limited ammo… it has 6 shots before it has to be reloaded… How many rounds do you get per mag??? But your way off asking to nerf the predator… he’s already a joke and not even feared by fireteams… the game shouldve been called fireteam hunting grounds rather than predator hunting grounds


Pred is op. I’ve literally never won an FT match

What is going on here? Dear lord …

Yeah especially when that @Drakos is Pred

His pred needs a major buff. Like triple zerker health.

Fuck it infinite shoulder fired cannon and bow as well for @Drakos

Infinite health with sparkly stars all around him like in old school sonic the hedgehog.

Anyone who plays predator is trash

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Nerf ft, buff pred. Have it so they can only shoot 1 bullet per second, and if they parry bgg they get sliced in half.



Buff spotting. From now on spotting the pred awards 1000v and causes 500 damage to the pred.

How about scanning the ft causes them to permanently catch on fire?

Oh and target isolation leaves the ft at 1 hp

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I like it!!! Can slam just do the wrist computer nuke?!??? I’m on board😂😂😂

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That says more about you than the pred. I’ve downed one myself with the hammerhead

Dude you have to let it cool down otherwise it overcharges can’t even cloak then

The real solution isnt a simple buff/nerf of health and such, but an all around increase in preds stealth capabilities so that he can be squishy and easily killed, but still maintain a significant advantage

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I think the best pc pred vs great premade ft can kill a few but there going to escape or second wind you at the helo. 50/50 and only illfonic has the data on win vs loss

I think the pred is OP and needs a nerf badly. Like I think he should die instantly as soon as the FT enters the map.

Impossible. I emptied old painless into a scout preds face at 2 feet distance while he was standing still and he never even second winded.

I think the ft should die of fear when they see or hear pred.

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