Net gun is TOOO OP

The net-gun … Is much too effective … Too much longer has taken away … Nerf please …

Really? Nerf again? Don’t you ever think that not everything you don’t like should vanish?

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I’d like to see netgun have a slowing effect. Running full speed with a net doesn’t seem right


I’d like to see this forum without crying FT like op. But we both know it would never happen


To be honest, both sides got crying babies…


Almost everything you post is about nerfs. Seems like you need to revise your tactics and improve your skills.


Agreed. But that just pissed me off-nerf this, nerf that.

All I hear is WAAAAA

100% agree

Same, I’d prefer to see a balancing based on adding stuff, not making everything useless like the GL…

Yet another FT player trying to get something nerfed because he’s garbage.


I think posts like op are always written in a kind of affect. Like he just lost to a Predator with the net gun and literally posting shit now.

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as i said… these nerf beggars never gonna stop they want a toy predator against them 1-2 hit and predator downed… reality is u cant … break the net gun be gratefull u can do that in game…god dam crying babies…

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I would love to just see longer match times. With really good teams if they’re done objectives in 5-6 minutes there’s really nothing you can do as predator. Maybe a kill, but I’m talking GOOD teams that spot and light you up. But if you can take your time, you can wear them down.

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you know what else is not gun? Trapper perk with netgun is Busted. and with 15 ammo yeah it needs an Adjustment. Main Pred and it’s True.

I only play pred. Needs to debuff speed a bit

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I’d like the net gun to do more damage than it does

Also we should address speed of FT. Does anyone else find it silly how fast recon and scout are? My hunter with adrenal can’t catch them 🤔

I think the utility you get from it means the low damage is ok but the utility could do with a bit more


Trapper perk doesn’t even affect netgun duration. LOLOL. Atleast know what you’re whining about.

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