Net Gun/Launcher gear idea

For me it’s the easiest fix of all time to give the predator a single extra key here let me show you

I think target isolation should be hold thermal, you’d get a little bar that fills up like if you’re claiming Fireteam or healing. Once it’s done you you target isolate, and it automatically puts you in thermal

But again any changes to Predator key binding also changes Fireteam’s key binding.

Here are some examples

  • You hot key weapon 1 to left on d-pad. Now you cat swap gear as Fireteam or decline Predator in clash
  • Put something on anything R3. Now you have to manually put melee back on it for Fireteam

It’s stupid that Fireteam and Predator key binding is interconnected like this


I also think branch switch and stealth dismount should be allowed on the same button

I also have this problem every time

Buff FT nerf pred

Buff Pred add Xenos

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Mind. Blown.

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I think the net gun that we have now should’ve been a gear item instead of a weapon. Also, fireteam players should not be able to knife each other free from a net.

Netgun shouldve always been a gear and actually rewarded people for landing pins as is

Yeah, net as a weapon is one of the reasons I don’t take it on hunts.

Also the only reason why FT can break free is for balancing purposes

I never take the net gun, there’s better alternatives.

I don’t have an issue with fireteam players being able to break free from the nets but their teammates shouldn’t be able to free them.

I’ve almost never been freed from the net by my teammates.

It’s hard to coordinate and help get your teammates freed from nets because they’re always frantically running around

I would say the net gun is useful against noobs because they don’t know how to free each other from nets. It’s completely useless against experienced players because they can just knife each other free.

just a way to do this this came from this thread and i don’t want it to rot outside of feedback

I’d love the AvP style net but I’m almost positive it’ll be like city Hunter where Celtic’s net gun will be used when Scar is using the net gun.

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