Net Gun/Launcher gear idea

Can we get the Net Gun/Launcher from AVP, as gear.
Net Gun/Launcher

  • Has less nets then the normal Net Gun, probably half the amount
  • Target’s trapped undergo the bear trap release interaction, instead of the normal button mash mini game
  • It has a stronger knock back effect making pinning fire team to the wall easier
  • Target’s pinned have a harder time getting out

You can see it in the thumbnail
Video starts at the Net Gun/Launcher scene.

Concept art from AVP

I wish there was a gif of that moment

@Courier @OldKingHamlet whenever you guys get the time could you add this to the list of suggestions/community want list


It would be really easy to implement since they have the wrist launcher animation, and the net projectiles

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I never watched the AVP movies before

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It’s good
You should watch it when you get the chance to

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This seems like a awesome idea and I love call backs to the movies in any way, however wouldn’t this leave the net gun completely useless? I will say though it would give the Fireteam a harder time for sure especially those with skulls above their heads.


Well those who use Net Gun would have more deadlier “ammo”
Plus the Net Gun/Launcher would take up a gear slot, and because it’s deadlier then the normal Net Gun it would take up maybe 4-5 gear points.

I can easily see people using double nets


Oh god please don’t tell me it stacks on damage?

Nonononno no NO, that would be to OP
One net per person please
Normal Net Gun holds 10, been awhile since I’ve used it. So the Net Launcher would hold half, but they would be slightly more inconvenient than normal nets

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Okay thank god, but yeah that sounds pretty good. What I like most of all is the knock back damage, now question would that effect still work if you were above someone? Like would it be instant grounded to the floor?

Yeah it would basically instantly pin them, unfortunately
But if their buddies are nearby they could help them out, so it would suck for those solo randos

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They gotta learn somehow

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Yep and the Net Launcher would be a good deterrent for those solo players

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Some people just gotta know staying together has a higher chance of win rate as fireteam, then again I’m not against everyone going separate directions for theme easy kills.

Think someone mentioned shifting the NET GUN entirely over to GEAR, exactly like the wrist launcher or bear traps (gear that causes damage or impedes fireteam movement)

  • Decrease the nets down to 5-10 (whatever number is fitting, keeping in mind missed shots due to hitting invisible walls n such).

  • Increasing netted time (maybe a slight buff to dmg or keep it the same).

  • Require another teammate to free PINNED FT members. (Only human to escape nets was Harrigan due to him having luck on his side and holding that smart disc). To keep this from being op, once a pred attacks the nets, FT is free? To give them a fighting chance?

Would be fun and provide more room for actual “weapons” for the preds arsenal :) and possible “oh shit he has a net gun too” moments.

Would be cool :)

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I can see Net Gun being a gear instead of weapon, but I don’t think much should change if it made the shift.
And the Net Launcher could be the altered version like you and I have both described.


I got the chance and it was worth it

These changes are interesting

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Only of they give predator a dedicated use gear button so I can. Use the gear equipment like Fireteam uses grenades

That would be cool but there wouldn’t be enough buttons on a PS4 controller to facilitate such a feature

Predator has too many buttons not enough space for all of them
Plus key binding would be a nightmare, especially because any small changed predator changes everything on Fireteam