I’m, as average player, having 8-9 wins out of 10games as PC fireteam with randoms and i do 1500-3000(sometimes less)pred damage as usual to pred and if there’s another PC in my team we melt pred in seconds INSPITE ON HIS NEW CLOAK!

It is very boring to play as FT even now after new cloak feature implemented.

Fireteam one trick noobs will disagree but…

Fireteam must be nerfed or…

predator must have either HP buffed or weapon damage buffed and over that clicking and footsteps sounds must be decreased or gone.

Soon I’ll try to upload some videos to show.
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Or not, randomly balancing the game around specific players isn’t a good way to go. If it’s too easy take less powerful weapons, challenge yourselves.

I agree completly. Cause the cloak isnt the issue at all.

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i took an ak no bane and still did 2300 dmg and only shot at him 3 times

Upload now?

Right now im playing and grabbing videos, join me RUSO-2- (epic games)

I can do that, but I won’t do that, if game gives me advantage I’ll use it at 100% and it’s fair because of unbalanced teams.

It suppose not to be like that

And how would the balance be for players less skilled than you, would they have any chance against the Pred?

Of course they will.

The FT weapons damage is very high enough to melt pred even if you’re playing with one left foot…

In all fairness its just a visibility buff.

The real issue has always been the DPS output by 4 stacked players.

There are certain solutions I wish they would try out but Health and damage buffs aren’t really the solution in my opinion but then again, maybe it could help.

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I have to say as a Pred main this is completely false. The update fixed the grossly OP fireteam issue. I am winned 4/5 matches as Pred now unless I get greedy or make a mistake. A good fireteam with solid communication and teamwork can still take me down but not without losses and I will make them work for it. The game is at a good place right now.

I’m going to disagree based on my experiences as well. This is a learning situation not a balancing issue. The wins I’ve been getting on FT have been from carless Predators engaging in Melee like 2.03 was reverted entirely. It’s really that simple. In true 1v1 when you have a ft member isolated you won’t have problems. If there is more than 1 ft member you’re not getting a strait melee push, ever. We’re not going back to the combizerker days. Predators are simpley gonna have to learn their advantage and use it. Soften your targets, separate when possible, don’t take damage and make your kills. Melee works great for hit and run but if you jump in and your goal is to finish a combo and down FT members when they’re close to each other, you’re gonna lose.

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Damage nerf but cloack visible at 100. Pred and Fireteam players , no main. 1000+ hours.

100 to much, out of maximum potential damage range for pred.

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You’re both right.

There needs to be more than two stages to the visibility.

50m 65m 75m 85m 100m (100m is pushing it though cause that range is pretty far out.

Not to say these are the perfect ranges but the idea is there, it just needs to be a bit more flexible than just on/off at 45/50 meters

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I personally believe a 75 meter to be fully invisible is perfect. It maximize the potential of the 10x scope because if a good sniper is out on the field and sees the pred before the pred sees the sniper this will allow the sniper to defend the team while no abuse But this range also give all the pred weapons there maximum potential aswell. Plasma caster can still be dodged at this range it not a surprise attack. Arrows will be more likely to hit their targets while ft can also counter them. Smart disc is in range. Less likely to loss spear to throwing it. Handheld is in sub par range.

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I think the new cloak update helps alot, it’s actually really hard to see the Predator when it’s approaching the Fireteam, which i think is more than good and works as intended.
What the Predator does once near the Fireteam is up to every individual Predator player. If the Predator player starts going ham carelessly with melee and ends up with entering second wind and being chased down, then this thread is correct. There are no Predator’s in any movie what so ever doing like this.

I’d say the majority of all Predator players here doesn’t know how to play, ofcourse they are easy to kill. There are only a handfull of people who knows how to play if you compare with the total player base. I think this thread is aimed towards those new Predator players who doesn’t know how they should be playing.

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Confused screaming

Tbh it is helpfull a lot for ppl who know how to use it. If you will launch yourself in to a small room filled with 4 armed to the teeth FT, wiledly screaming and swinging your combistick then no - new cloak will have no benefit to your game style.

I always play safe - keeping my distance, observing. Attacking only when i feel that I can down and claim with no interruptions. This new cloak is a heaven - day difference to my quz I can approach FT without being noticed

Also, since this update, not even once I was sniped in the face from across the map…