New game idea for illfomic or any studio

So basically predator hunting grounds but you find weapons around the map on a space ship with a four player team with one player being a Xenonorph u can crawl in vents on walls and lay face hugger eggs and even different xenomorph types for dlc and for free so pretty much a xenomorph hunting grounds?

Edit: for all you nerd emojis out there I don’t care I spelt illfonic wrong

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Should I get dmc 5


I’d also recommend getting Vergil as a playable character because his movement and combos are smooth like butter for example

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Question if I do get it how to become the storm that is approaching

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It’s a tab or something you select then boom, you play as the tax evading , childleaving, based Florida man that is vergil
But gotta buy the DLC for like 5 bucks

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What I can infer from this video a kid named dontavious Jones who has a big sword has a friend with only one arm who likes guns and has a father who refuses to pay his child support and is a storm that is approaching whom also reclaims his name and has a family crest which is the demon of death he was also possibly born in flames however is not forsaken but actually awakened

Sorry I have now rewatched the video and have now missed a key component to what I think the story is being:
Vergil hires Vergil’s brother and Vergil’s son to defeat Vergil to become Vergil: Featuring Vergil from the Devil May Cry series

Now you understand the power of tax evasion

Better since I played mgr I learned the importance of w@r crimes in our society

This guy use to be a pro DMC player but at least he did 5 before he retired

This is his old video another YouTuber recorded

Music is dope

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Music? Asking for a friend.

No the music he uses goes good with his gameplay, have a listen

I meant what’s the name of the music?

Oooh lol I think it’s in the video description? if not I’ll look it up if you cant find it 😅

“Oh illfommy, step on my playerbase harder~”

With vergil and main game for ps5 is on sale for 9 dollar I am going to make a great investment rn

That’s because in the game store you can buy the super devil trigger instead of earn that shit by playing harder difficulties 😔

I ahve judgement cut end unlocked and I had max sdt and concentration and it won’t work what am me doing wrong