GAME RESERVE: 3 predators against 8 members of the fireteam. Longer mission. No time limit.
FIRETEAM’S OBJECTIVE: Escape the planet using the Yautja ship. When you get to the ship you will have to activate three yautja clocks like those of the explosive device to manipulate it and activate it to escape. SECOND OBJECTIVE: Kill all 3 predators
PREDATORS OBJECTIVE: Eliminate all 8 members of the fireteam.


Photoshop or blender?

The idea is wonderful! Hope they implement it!

neither two

This idea has already bin requested a lot of times, but I do like the idea.

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technically what has been requested the most is 2 predators and 8 members of the fireteam, but not 3 predators or escaping the planet in the ship as the main objective, and I love the idea… anyway it’s about time they implement really good game mode

This would be so dope.

Devs! Listen! But I think 3x12 might be more fair.


Don’t be crazy XDDD with the fireteam damage buff 13 is death for 3 predators!! 8 its okay XDDDD


I like it. And I fully support it.
Not to be “that guy”, but someone has to be… please fix the title etc to Game Preserve. Not Reserve. That’s not a thing.
Also, neat art.
And I just noticed “gamemeode”. Please fix this too.


Okay. I still like the idea, but my expectations that I will be added are very low.

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I like it, this and dlc royce, and and get pieces distributed around the map to activate the ship eg


They’re not doing any of this. It’s done


They can’t do a fucking skin imagine a new gamemode lmao


@OldKingHamlet @Wil @Courier @Kassinaillia

Lets get it guys c’mon!!!


What a great idea.

Too bad it will never happen.


Do we honestly think, with them having 2 launches of new products, that they have the human power, or the want after being barrage for 2 years, to want to produce this?

The game isn’t policed enough to ensure their product is launched as intended.

They produced clash in the apex of their team having all hands on deck, we are literally gonna get a clash 2.0 if ANYTHING comes out.

A gamemode made, that they think everyone would enjoy, but is the furthest thing away from what anybody would want and anything remotely resembling a “Predator gamemode”

I have not said that they will do it, I have supported the idea of ​​the community that is better than those that illfonic has

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That’s the problem. Not enough peeps. If I was smart or at least knew jack n shit about coding (and Jack left town…), I’d work on this game for them and get paid to fix it! Then there’d be manpower to make new shit (for me to fix).

You must kidnap Jack and bring him back to fix the game.

But he has no social media or cell phone! He’s off the grid!