New gameplay modes

We need a mode with 2 vs 6. 2 predators would change the game opportunity like predator heals predator.


If they do introduce a multi-predator mode, I hope they make it competitive between the two hunters (i.e. vying to get the most trophies/kills), rather than a team-based thing. The predators are a fairly brutal and competitive species, after all, and I think the increased chaos would enhance the gameplay too.


I like that idea, though I think it should be a toggle between team preds vs competitive preds.

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Yes to be competitive and maybe kill the other predator sounds interesting too


@DisturbedLlama proposed this idea and we even made it possible in private match using clash and the mods.

The devs think it’s too much to balance and probably won’t tackle it any time soon.

Not saying I don’t want it, just seems like anything remotely awesome and expansive to their game, gets tossed in the “We will never get to it bin” :(

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So the idea pleases me a lot. I’ve already even done some Posts on the subject.
But I think for a Game Mode with 2 or 3 Predators, it would need a Larger Team.
Six Soldiers Couldn’t Take Care of a Trio of Predators for exemple.
(I’m mentioning a third predator, using the Movies as a reference.).
Even in the current modes, I think the team is pretty reduced.I think we need to have at least 7 soldiers on the team.
Now, in a Match with 3 Predators, the Team would have to be at least 12 Soldiers.
The problem is to think what would be the Main Objective of this Mode, and the Advantages that each side would have.

And just making a small remark, to the comment about predators killing each other, I swear I don’t understand that purpose.
Predators Don’t kill yourself for no reason.
Only if they are from another clan or if the Predator is a renegade clan member; They are called mudbloods.

True, pred vs pred vs fireteam

Just not clash. Has to be actual hunt mode with objectives for FT and all that.

Yeah they don’t like fun ideas lol

To be fair, there are some potential challenges that might prevent them doing something like this. The first is whether the game engine could actually handle that many players on the map at the same without slowing to a crawl or crashing. Then you have to consider matchmaking times needed to gather that many people into one match.

I have faith in the fact that they’re actively looking into new ways to make the game more fun all the time, and a lot of these things might have been tested and abandoned without us ever knowing.

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There are no challenges. It works. You can do it and it runs. The game is already not balanced at all. There’s absolutely nothing preventing them from doing this. It’s a casual game

You saying it might slow, you must have missed the part where we said we made the is mode work in custom games. 2v6. And it ran just fine

Yes clash is not as much fun

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IMO every game mode that was in AVP 2010 would have been a nice addition to this game if they implemented it. It would have had something for everyone to enjoy. (Just obviously without the aliens as I don’t think they would add it to PHG)

Hope we get a new mode soon. We have 5 maps. I still hope we get more soon but am more waiting for new modes.

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So, regarding the Maps we have, I’ve already posted my Opinion about Them in other Opportunities on the Forum.
The 5 maps appear to be in the same region.
I would prefer we had 1 Big Map.
So that we could have better developed missions.
And to make the mission more difficult and the hunt more exciting for the Predator.
I think this way, Predator would need to Track the Team.
And so, we could have bigger teams. Forcing the team to adopt a split or merger strategy.
Even if they kept the maps separate, I think we need a night mode.
That would be challenging!.
We could have a huge addition of new equipment and weapons for predators and soldiers.
Plus the Addition of New Game Modes.

There’s no way the game engine could support maps on that scale. You’d also have to drastically increase match duration to give the predator a chance to actually find anyone.

How not my friend?.
The New Generation of Consoles has already been released. And on PC, the features are just as good as on video games.
I think you literally having to hunt down your prey would make the game more exciting.
The Mission would have to be developed further.
Having Extra Quests within the Main Quest.
But even if more Time needs to be added, what’s the problem?.
We have to admit that although there are 5 maps in the game, they are small.

Yes, val verde 😂

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Tbh, they may be avoiding it because it wasn’t an original idea done by them. They’d have to give credit instead of being seen as the “creators” of the mode in their game.

Probably going to cook up a game mode like clash again… SMH.

The foundation has been laid for them. Also has a direct connection to the book “stalking shadows” literally connecting a game mode to the lore.

I’m pulling my hair out on these missed opportunities.

It’s like certain ppl want to see the IP crash and burn.

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