New Melee button FT

We need a new button to put the knife in our hands permanently as Fireteam, pressing the current melee button only makes a quick swing then going back to the gun, holding the melee button makes the knife stay.
But when the Predator goes melee on you and you hold the melee button down, after the first parry the gun keeps coming back, i want a keybind for the knife that makes it stay in my hands after pressing one button, not holding it down.

And i don’t understand why the Fireteam has two Melee buttons in the keyboard mapping, one button is third from the top, the second is seventh from the bottom. Both buttons do exactly the same.

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They probably intended FT to parry then light pred up

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Press your Melee button and hold it. The knife will remain out


I can L1 and select knife so fast it’s pretty instantaneous. I press L1 while simultaneously moving R3 to the 3 o’clock position, same thing as having a specific button. Flex the muscle memory and you’ll soon get it down👍🏼

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Been trying muscle memory too. Manually selecting knife through the weapons wheel.
The issue I find with holding down melee to stay on melee is that when the framerate drops on certain occasions when the predator is at your face, it tends not to acknowledge you holding down melee for sticking to knife and reverts you back to gun. So thats when its not relyable.

I’m damn sure the reason for all this and weapon #3 keybind not working is because of backend loose ends and quick and dirty code.


I think this is more of a bug than anything.

Selecting the knife from the weapon wheel works fine. But it never works for me when trying to use the number keys. As @MassImpact124 just suggested.

Just change your key bindings

What we are trying to say is that WHEN the keybind is in place…it doesn’t function.
(the letter being applied to the keybind slot) Make no mistake the keybinds for Weapon3(knife) does not work.

They probably intended for people to complain about it because that is just impossible to do without actually dying 99% of the time.

The problem for me is when i predict that the Predator is going to melee me while i’m holding a gun in my hands, i press and hold my melee button, if i manage to parry the attack with the quick knife swing i make, my character pulls out the gun again after the parry, which i don’t want. I want a button that puts the knife in my hands no matter if i press or hold the button. It’s easier to parry an incoming attack with the secondary knife attack, which is the reason i want the knife to stay in my hands.

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This issue has been bothering me for a long time now, been dying so many times because of it.

We really need a keybind to equip the knife permanently in our hands, no matter if you press or hold the button, i’m getting so sick and tired of my character switching back to the gun after parrying an attack.

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To think i use to have issues with my mouse wheel making a switch back to a weapon when i hit MMB. Now that I can turn it off, i realize that was 25% of the melee issue. The other is this automatic switch with quick hit melee!

1/3 of the times i die by the Predator is because of this, my character bringing back the gun to my hands after a parry.

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Another issue I have noticed is that since 1.16 dropped, going from primary/secondary weapon (either one) to knife (via weapon wheel) switches to secondary weapon first and then brings up the knife. WTF.

This is painful when getting melee’d and needing to switch to the knife in a hurry.

But I agree with @MassImpact124 - need to get the knife enabled to a key-bind.

Another thing i don’t like is when you pick up a new primary weapon in the game it will be on your weapon #2, and your secondary weapon on #1, a primary weapon should replace your own primary weapon, therefore be placed on your “Weapon 1” keybind, which in my case is 1.

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What is your keybind for Q? Usually for Weapon Wheela nd check to see if any other keys are bound to this. I think i stated this in a few posts already. For some reasons they were linked to two things …click the trash icon(luv this) on either one.

There already is, if you hold the melee button for a moment longer it quick swaps to the knife.

I didn’t know that until somewhat recently, and it takes some getting used to and muscle memory but it works great once you’re used to it.

I also hot-keyed my Syrette Syringe — it’s a life saver!

But I’m on PS4 using a controller, so things might function slightly different.

For me, I left ‘Q’ as the weapon wheel. I will check to see if it is linked to multiple actions when I play next.

@aaronBLUEeyes That’s what i’ve been trying to explain here, that we need a keybind for our knife so we DON’T have to hold the key pressed down. If you get surprised by the predator, turn around and manage to parry a melee attack, your character will pull out the gun again instead of keeping the knife in your hands, only being able to make quick attacks with it.