New Meta Predator

So when I started a match I was a Dutch and had two supports, in less then a min a Beserker took us all out doing the following things:

1- Set alarm off
2- Used Samurai Sword
3- Uses 2 slashes and a charged melee attack

Then I tested myself and it worked against FT

To conduct more research I need everybody to try this formula and tell me if it’s true


I mean if they insist on charging into caps with the alarms on. It’s fairly simple to counter play by just sitting right outside said camp and just shooting all the bots. Not to rain on the parade but berserker is just not the move atm

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Liked it cause I always enjoy ideas and I could see it working just not consistently


I mean your close to the sauce but that’s not the recipe I’ve been using but pretty close though

I’ve found that there is a build+strat that does well against meta teams like
Medic Leader spotter deadly etc… Or whatever combo you like
But I don’t wanna share my secrets

Predator needs more buffs

Here let’s play a stupid game if this post gets 10 hearts I’ll make a post about it


That sound like a pain in the ass


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Lol for once do me a favor 😂

What is your favor

I await with baited breath

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test this sweat pc squad shoots you pt blacnk with 50 cal then follows up with heavy knife attack… one ft member will ruin ur day

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Everything is op against quickplay randoms


The only true outcome against premades, if you try this tactic, is a “2 second rule”.

You are getting melted in 2s, like an Ice cream dropped into the pits of hell.

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Do that thing which is complicated

Hm never thought of that

I’m not a random and that strategy killed my squad

How so

Funny thing is I already did what your complaining about last night, I made a berserker build and because I was tired I just ran in a stabbed some folk

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How about downing an FT. Do a few more plasma shots in an attemp to perm kill and get some AOE damage on anyone who gets close to revive. Once revive us attempted, to time a slam to get both of them hit (and perm kill the downed FT) or down him again he as he is getting up. Usually downed FT will crawl for cover so slam can be place in such a way as to have partial cover from other FTs. The FT doing the revive will be badly damaged and can be finished with melee if he attempts to use syringe or is running away. Then just hang out in the area preventing revives and take cover.

I really would like to see slams used more 😁

The recovery takes too long.

They should reduce the size of AOE by about 50%, and reduce the recovery time.

Or, reduce the damage to about 60, and reduce the recovery time.

Slamming as it is now, usually results in the predator getting melted.


Slam is indeed not worth the effort.
The alarm trick really only works when kited. Set the alarm and stay visible and pied piper the AI too the FT. 40 AI plus a plasma caster can overwhelm the FT

Unless their tactical and premade on comms…in which case if you make it out you maybe soften them up

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