New patch is now available

All on the titres.
Waiting the patchnote

They Just fixes the Specs and nerfed Pirate energy


And still dealing with that nasty sound bug which seems to get worse with every update. And yes, I have 3D audio disabled. Out of 5 matches I’ve played, I was deaf in about 4 of them except for the squealing hogs.

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And for the Bionic ?

Energy for Bionic was already nerfed.

the Bionic had infinite energy until the release of the 2 new ones.
You think it’s a voluntary nerf ?

They added 2vs8!!! FINALLY , it only took them two and a half years

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? What

They nurfed my Pirate action figure mang! Cloak makes energy go poo poo!

Yes, its intentional.

My Amazon still has Tracker & my Pirate still has Stalker. Never changing these loadouts then.

OK. Not a problem for me.
With Regeneration you can have infinite energy lol

What are the new Specialisations for them?

Amazon has Brute, Warrior & Ghost. Pirate has Analytic, Savage & Vicious

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So now Amazon is obsolete Vs death squads like you & Gesp.

Pirate doesn’t seem too bad though. Analytic is S tier when you scan people in and Vicious is underrated. I’m still going to keep my Pirate Stalker though.

I still got Amazon Tracker & Pirate Stalker so they’re both still viable thankfully.


Yeah true.

Does Pirate still have infinite energy?

Nah cloak drains like a bitch now, same as Bionic. Aside from default spec changes, I don’t think Amazon got any stat nerfs so she’s still got the best stamina in the game thankfully. Looks like Amazon came out better.

I fucking hate Illfonic…

I’m so damn tempted to release a rant video on my channel now… you have no idea.

Seriously though we get one fucking Predator class that can actually be considered sorta OP and they nerf it in 1 week?
Meanwhile that fucktard Dante has never been nerfed EVER, despite being the most broken BS in the game!

Looks like Bionic might be better than Pirate after all because with Bionic’s perk layout you can just select modified reserve and have really good energy again. Its just stupid we have to use a perk for it.

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Actually Pirate still has Infinite Thermal. Bionic doesn’t IIRC. I’mma put Mod Reserves on Pirate and see if it gives her infinitge cloak & thermal again.