New Predator Class: Ahab(Concept) + Bonus Weapon Concept

Revised by @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
Ahab has seen over a thousand years’ worth of prey, hunting, kisses with death, and euphoric spells of blood-drunken rage. Few Predators come close to achieving what this Predator has, even more so actually claiming an Engineer trophy. A master of his art, Ahab upholds a code of honor as unbroken as his will.


Health: 1250
Stamina: 1280
Stamina Regeneration: 180/s
Movement Speed: 9.8m/s
Energy: 1100
Energy Regeneration: 90/s
Gear Points: 10
Perk Points: 12
Overload Cooldown: 12.22 Seconds

Passive Ironside(non-stackable)
Inflicts 15% more melee damage

Specializations: Disciplined, Warrior, Wrathful

New Predator Weapon: Glaive

The Glaive is a counterpart of the popular Combi-stick, instead used for cutting and swiping with flat-headed and masterfully edged blades. Unlike the Combi-Stick the Glaive cannot be thrown, but instead applies bleed to affected targets, sometimes several at a time.

The Glaive has four attacks

The first attack is a one-handed sweep at waist level

The second attack follows through, the same motion, but performed by rotating the predator once for more momentum and damage, in an upward motion, and two-handed. The Predator is stationary for the duration of the momentous rotation only but tracks quickly

The third and final basic attack quickly spins the Glaive twice forwardly

The fourth attack is a counterattack after being parried. Once parried, the Predator turns away and shoves the Glaive edge backwards, scoring a quick strike on the parrying Fireteam member. Must be queued up by pressing the LMB or Left Trigger before the animation finishes. Can only be triggered once every 20 seconds

Bleeding stacks with each attack up to 15. Cannot be refreshed after max stacks have been reached, you must wait for each bleed tick to expire before ticks can be applied again
Bleeding ticks faster if Vicious is being used

First Attack: 35+2 bleed
Second Attack: 40+3 bleed
Third Attack: 20.5+2 bleed x2
Fourth Attack: 1+5 bleed


For reference Predator: Hunting Grounds, Stat Values & Guide (Archive)


Nice. Illfonic would never make a character or weapon so complex, but the bones are good. Unfortunate specializations though, Wrathful is okay. Warrior needs a huge buff and Brute needs a rework.

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I thought about giving him Stalker or Fervent, but I figured it’d be a little busted. Just a little. I mean I tried to make him viable for melee, but not braindead easy for melee. Ironside with Wrathful already makes a great comp. I gave him 12 perks points for some added versatility. Can run Down Range if you really want to. Could also run a claim build on him. Wutchu think?

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Probably need 100 more health and 100 more stamina capacity and 5% more passive melee damage.

You want 15% melee damage? Hot damn. That’s up to 55% with Wrathful and Fearless. Fuckin smack smack, bro.

I agree with that IF we keep the health at 1250. Ironside can be great if used right. But the stamina… The stamina… He’s got poo capacity since we can’t have him running around like a Scout, but it regens fast, so he can escape fast enough, especially with Ironside passive.

You sure about the health and stam?

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Maybe give up the health, but he’ll need a lot to make up for it. Health and stamina are the most important stats.

😡 grinds my gears that they won’t or can’t put him as well as others and other weopons. At this point Idk if its illfonic that won’t add stuff like this or if its Disney or even sony?

Idk wtf is the deal…i remember hamlet saying something like everything that’s coming to the game was already layed out and that since they don’t own the IP or something there’s a lot that keeps thier hands tied. To be fair that sounds about right.

I know im rambling, but they did Ft13 and from what little I’ve seen they did a lot more with that like being able to drive cars, more than 6 maps(if im not mistaken), a bunch of variations of jason, and way more kill animations. So if they were able to do that then Idk why else they wouldn’t put that much more effort in this game especially since supposedly its a core game for them.

Maybe it really is just disney being disney and not allowing it…sigh hard being a predator fan

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Imagine if half the staff who make concepts for the game just got replaced with folks like @Derangedxeno_02

Like… come on 😅

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Alright, so we keep the 1250, but stam cap goes up while regen goes down? Or vice versa. Idk if I can agree with mid to high stam with maxed out regen. Could also throw Adrenal on him too with his perks

Actually Ahab would NOT be hard to create in the game. Just use the current model for Elder, take away the purse and necklace and piercings. Replace with large skull on the chest and remove netting for both arms. Gonna need to remove his right upper mandible and make the eye covered with grafted skin tho. Bam, you’ve got Ahab


This is a pretty cool idea, having another aged predator along with a new weapon after not getting a weapon for the predators for like a year would be cool.

Maybe the glaive is a bit too high in damage? I’m not sure what the stats are with the combistick but I feel like this paired with a melee class predator, like berserker or, would be a bit too much…maybe not though, it would encourage predator players to not have to resort to range all the time.

Just a stamina cap up. Regeneration needs to stay the same, otherwise it’ll be outclassed by Hunter.

Gotcha. I’ll patch it up later today👍

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