Derangedxeno_02's Concept List

Here you’ll find a list of all of my concepts for the game, easily accessed for your enjoyment and criticism. Illfonic, how about it? I put a lot of hours into creating, tweaking, and gathering data for these.


Weekend reading material for Kass.


Honestly same. I gotta get some new glasses pretty soon here lmao

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Your Royce concept is solid, take my money!!

Why don’t we just let Xeno take over the fuckin DLCs in at very least the stats etc. He’d do a better job than the amount of incompetent Devs (that are only in one number figure) currently working on the game.

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Would love to go work for them on this game, not Ghostbusters or Arcadeggedon. You aren’t the first nor the only person to think so…

How bout it, @IllFonic? You have my email…


Updated each concept to make them look better and easier to read. Also slightly adjusted certain stats.

@Illfonic this man and @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK are literally helping u with this game, Xeno with reworks, Skoolboy with numbers because ya’ll never added them for us to look at, just please listen to them


Bravo my friend bravo…… very well done

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