New Predator Class: Prince (Concept)

A highly prolific Predator of presumed royalty. During the events on LV-1201, Prince was unsuccessfully ambushed simultaneously by two Predaliens, successfully subdued 3 Praetorians, and even slew a Queen and her hive, all singlehandedly. Additionally, Prince was assailed by a powerful and technologically advanced exosuit, but once again proved superior. Given his achievements at such a young age, Prince should be considered an extremely dangerous opponent in which Voodoo should avoid confrontation with at any cost.


Health: 1350
Stamina Capacity: 1150
Stamina Regeneration: 180/s
Movement Speed: 10.2m/s
Energy Capacity: 1250
Energy Regeneration: 90/s
Gear Points: 13
Perk Points: 12
Overload Cooldown: 10.69 Seconds

Passive Cooling Syncs(non-stackable)
Passive Lightbender(non-stackable)
Passive Heated(non-stackable)

Specializations: Stalker, Wrathful, Vicious

For reference: Predator: Hunting Grounds, Stat Values & Guide (Archive)



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Is this a characteristic?

Nice. A throwback for the AVP fans.

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How do you mean? These are all concepts for potential characters to be added to the game. I make them for fun but make sure they balance well with the current state of the game. This is Prince from AVP2

Prince is from avp 2, I think.

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Yes make this happen 💯

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