New predator hack

Shame people still play this garbage in a serious capacity. I believe I’ve said this before, stop whining and enjoy the chaos when a reconi trackeri heckar joins the match - don’t take anything seriously, most of the hackers don’t. The ones who do, well they deserve each other XD
Also haven’t played in a while but dude prolly just remembered where ft spawns and ran over there immediately, it’s a strat I used to use in pubs back when I actually played.


I genuinely do not know who that is. They an old forum member?

That’s a weird way to spell “mediocre at best” lol.
I enjoy not getting my ass penetrated so yeah I back out a lot. And that was no private lobby, haven’t played in private in a while. I’m just your average potatoe fryer

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Post it, it’s funny as hell. Fuck your aim

No, that was me fucking off on the other side of the map and pouting. #fucktheft

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I collected a build with this name “reconi trakeri” 😂

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Pred spawns in map about 8 or 9 seconds before ft, and usually just straight across the map. The closest I get to gameplay abuse is…using high dpi. On everything, not just the disk. It’s no cheat or exploit.

Its you

I played him too
He’s on you as soon as you spawn in
I think he has unlimited healing kits
Not sure about God mode and if he can be killed … but we second winded him and the blood is visible
Another guy is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
But PCs change their name often … so I never know who’s who in the Zoo … for all I know … a lot of them could be the same person

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How can you tell it was on privates just by that screenshot?
That could be on public matches.

0 ping for Pred as host

Also happens in qp

I almost always run pouch and kill piggies. Def not unlimited.
I also always have disk in my name

i have played against him a number of times, it was a while ago when i used to play and play regularly but he most certainly does not hack. you must just be on some potato shit to make hacking claims, but a lot of PS players accuse PC of hacking when it’s really just a skill issue.

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Oooof. I remember one of the first few games I ran into you. That was during the time when I rage uninstalled…twice.

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Host has no ping, not even 0 ms.

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Completely impossible to achieve 0ms latency.
Even the host of the lobby has measurable latency.

Don’t you watch Linus Tech Tips?

The game doesn’t show exactly how much ping you have, it’s not precise.

On my screen it could show 0 for you, but on yours it would be 4 ms, 8 ms etc.

I used to, until the dude started earning mad money and selling his ass for it.

His crew is so clueless that one of the dudes took a Corsair fan in his hand (even the sticker on the back of the fan hub has written Corsair all over it) and called it Noctua. 🤣

So no, I don’t watch those idiots.

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I’m not talking about you😂
I’m talking about

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Did you even read what I fucking said ?
Im talking about … not High DPI disk
I know High DPI disk , he’s also suckmydisk and Disk and Axe , he does not hack, I know that
Look at who I responded to and the context, its basic shit you should be able to do