New predator hack

On privates, host doesn’t even have ping info.

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Only ever seen him on ft side.


Have not been in privates in ages so some info here is wrong or missing

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i still remember the time we played and in game chat you said just bring chill builds no snipers and i won’t use axe and disc, we were like yeah sure. Then us and you all loaded in with the exact builds we said we wouldn’t use 😂 classic!

Good fucking times. I was trying everything to get a win. At one point I got, I think it was Sam’s team, to duel me one at a time, knives vs blades, aaaand ofc I cheated my ass off and lost anyway.

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yeah they were fun times, not played in a while and all the people i mainly played with stopped playing also. Maybe will play again but never like i used to i’m a fortnite sell out now. I would be disappointed if you didn’t try to pull a fast one with them!!!

Fortnite? Really? Knew I should have teabagged your ass…

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Between PHG and that, idk what’s worst…

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here is a hack, one guy on the phone with his pal playing as predator and him as FT telling each other where they are. Thats the hack. Phonesax.
“Hey dude, were at the waterfall now. Come and get us. Heh, heh, Fire!”

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vertical position of names.
In pubs its horizontal

On pubs, if you “pause” the game to open settings, mute someone or leave match, the names are displayed just like that. Vertically.

This is the answer. Was not a private match.

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@Fire what do you have to say for yourself?

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you should of i deserve it

i mean fortnite is competitive at least and doesn’t have 1000 bugs while you play

I understand that. But it’s a childish game…

I get you dont like the visuals. That’s fine. But the bo build mode actually requires more skills than most shooters. You’re not into the emotes or skins. That’s fine.

But if you’re going to play competitively, why not fortnite. I know you dont care about winning to the point where you go overly competitive. But its projectile and go gave to really lead the shots to land them. I dont play it alot but the no build mode is pretty fun.


for once fire i am with you. in regards to skill and how competitive it is it does not really compare to this game in any way shape or form because it trumps it on every level with having to consider storm rotations, positioning amongst a lot of other things.

Not even all that. Purely gunplay.