New Predator Movie Announced!

Looks like Fox’s getting back into it. A new Predator movie that appears to be inspired at least partly by the “Blood on Two Witch Mesa” Story. Not related to Predator 2018.


I mean I guess that’s good, but didn’t they sell predator to Disney or something?

Well it can’t be worse than rock bottom.

At this point, I don’t even know anymore.

Yes, the rights to predator where bought my disney. Althought from what i heard, they are throwing their hat into the rated R ring.

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where did u get that from?

The Project was known as “Skulls” at first.



That sounds so SJW. Can’t they just seemingly put a female action hero into the odds against freightful beasts good enough? No- they need to make a bloody statement of gender norms…and traditions.


I’d rather see a lady Pred kick ass

The comanche part could be a separate movie


…The Entire Alien Franchise would like to have a word with you…and Terminator as well lmao.

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The franchise would like to keep it pure.

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Sounds fun to me. They’ll probably mess it up, but the last movie set the bar so low, it’ll be fine.

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They kinda tried doing that with 2018 with the “Cast of semi-relatable gunmen”. Didn’t work. This isn’t reinvention or reusing old shit. it’s just a different gender for a protagonist.

The theme could work, i just hope it doesnt have a polticial agenda.


Oh Yeah! Good news today.

This is truly interesting I wasn’t expecting another predator movie for a while


Maybe it has something to do with Machiko or something along those lines.

Surprised they’re taking another shot at this so soon, what with the Shame Black disaster movie. Not getting my hopes up, but fingers crossed for a decent Pred design in it - something closer to the Wolf aesthetic would be great.


When I read that I thought maybe female Predator before female warrior fighting Predator
Or maybe both the Predator and the warrior are female
I don’t know witch will be the case but I do hope the movie is good