New Predator Movie Announced!

If it’s not Predator : Bad Blood

I will be sorely disappointed

Like I said they can’t do worse than rock bottom.


Well shit… I figured Disney would have shelved it for another 5 years at least. Fingers crossed.

As well as the Alien versus Predator prey, war and Hunter’s planet series

Wait? I thought they’d already confirmed that Rodriquez (Predators 2010) was directing the new movie, and he was trying to get Tarantino to write the script…or is that out of the window now? Wish they’d make their fucking mind up, I really wanted Rodriquez to continue on from Predators. Such potential wasted…


It is possible that they’re doing both.

They did say they wanted a Marvel-esque universe with pred if I’m correct. Maybe they haven’t given up.

Ya. Normally I’m a-political but this is the same company that had the force is female and then created Rey which essentially is the SW version of preds collecting skulls to upgrade themselves.

Were it worded differently I probably would have more faith since it actaully is a common trope used in stories.

The guys who made a motion sickness movie about crabs monster lol no thanks but who knows

Nobody seriously thought Tarantino was going to have any involvement in a Predator movie. That was quite obviously some made up BS posted on one of those click-bait sites.

Wrong Movie. Cloverfield Lane was a tense drama set mostly in an underground bunker - it’s pretty good.



ok so if the movie was not under disney chanel and their gender norms i would be hyped i might the team behind it look great and the first role being a woman could be good.

But again disney : Mulan, captain marvel, star wars.

so yeah lmao no. pls no dont fucked up this one damnit, instead of going with “GeNDEr NoRM” in a time nobody gived a fuck about that, make it a movie about native american culture clashing with the newly arrive european, make them ally with each other for face the predator a demon hunting the past of the natives for century and if you have the balls MAKE THE PREDATOR W.I.N and here you go, the perfect recipes for an incredible movie.

just dont make the predator CGI again thank you.

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Flashback of SW
Ah shit, Mulan and SW again.
It can’t be worse then The Predator right?

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This is similar to my basic recipe for a good Predator movie. Apart from the basics like having it be a stalking, survivalist horror type of movie, they should have two opposing Human factions battling each other (Allied vs Nazi, US Troops vs Taliban, sane people vs Qannons etc) insert Predator, then after the Pred has inflicted casualties on both sides, have the remaining few come together to try to defeat the Pred.

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a world war one predator movie could a hellish and amazing movie, hell even one during WW2 in the pacific could be great!

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Yep, I’ve long thought that a Pred movie set in WW2 featuring Allies & Nazis would be excellent.

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oh god imagine a predator movie during the battle of stalingrad O_O


WTF is SW? OMG LMFAO. Dont tell me Star Wars? OK, TTYL, BYOB, LGTBQ.SW FTW!

They’re not distributing the majority of fox IP through the Disney channel, I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to have their own streaming service separate for the more adults content

Hopefully, they learned something from that movie about what people don’t want to see.

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WWII Predator would be so fucking cool!


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