New Predator Movie Confirmed

It’s not a sequel to The Predator either!

I haven’t seen the other Cloverfield movies but I’m excited for a new entry!




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I feel like this is good news for the game too being that it has the potential to provide a lot of hype for the upcoming movie


Wasn’t a fan of cloverfield lane but that was mostly because it had nothing to do with the original and was all human drama until the weird ending.


I’m also glad that Disney is snubbing Mr Black’s debacle and not considering it.


This calls for a celebration selfie.



I’m in the minority of people that still actually enjoyed the movie despite it’s short comings


As soon as I heard it wasn’t a sequel to Cloverfield I lost all interest even though it had John Goodman cast

I enjoyed it, because it’s a predator film, and Prince did a fantastic job in the suit as a Predator. But the story line that was mish-mashed together at the last minute, and the Predator Killer Iron Man suit made me want to poke my eyes out.
Good Predator.
Good Actors.
Weak plot.


Can’t wait to see leaks from set and to speculate the hell out of them.

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I never itched so hard since Prometheus was coming to theatres in like 2012. Remember, they gave us 20 seconds of footage of Ridley’s movie and people couldnt stop speculating the entire film and storyline based off the the trailer made from senseless slices and dices of the major parts of that film.
I must have read like 20synopsis of that!


I never find out about Predator stuff beforehand. Like this game, it was never on my radar. But glad I stumbled upon it.

I normally swing by Bloody Disgusting and a few other places, every couple of days to find out what’s coming. Hanging out here I think you’ll likely hear about all kinds of stuff early.

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Is Rodriquez still directing it? If so, this has some potential. But if I see any autism or liberal nonsense I’m burning the theatres down.

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What are the chances that this movie like so many now, is ruined by todays woke hollywood. Injected with political topics forced down our throats.



The Director of 10 Cloverfield Lane

Clover field is that stupid movie with the motion sickness camera movie with a crab godzilla

That’s the first movie

The Director of the new Predator movie did the “sequel”

How was it I never did see it but I rather get it from the one who made Predators

I didn’t see it either because there wasn’t a crab monster