New Soldier DLC Packs.

@IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet Recently, in my games, I have seen that few players are playing with the soldiers that were added via DLC and the OWLF Agent, which, although it was not added via DLC, was added later.

These Soldiers need a Special Attention.
Something that really makes them different from the common soldiers of the game.
Especially those that are added by paid DLC packages.

For example.

For the “Dutch” '87.
When He passes the mud on your body, He would not have to pass it again.
And he would become invisible to the predator.
Just like in the movie.

The OWLF Agent.
He is a Soldier prepared to Hunt Predators.
Their clothing can already be a differential in relation to the other Classes of Soldiers.
With this suit designed to cancel thermal subscriptions, he wouldn’t even need to put Mud on the Body.
He should already being automatically invisible to the Predator.

The “Dutch” 2025.
He is the Only Soldier to have a Wrist Computer equal to that of Predators.
With this Computer, He could somehow:

  • Staying Invisible like the Predators;
  • Could having a Termic Vision equal to that of Predators;
  • Could use it to Track Predators.

Dante Jefferson.
He could have a Costume Reinforced with Predator Armor.
To Become More Resistant.
As if it were a Predator-Proof Vest.

That would be nice, for each Soldier to be Unique.
We need something else that Really makes DLC Worth Paying.
Apart from the Weapons and Equipment Question.

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Everyone becomes invisible when they mud up. That’s the point…


Before that happens, predator needs unique stuff.


I know.
I intend to do a Post on that too.
But in this Post, I wanted to Focus on the Soldiers.
Whereas, the Next DLC Pack will bring a New Class of Soldier.

You mean a passive?

Like he already has?

With damage resistance when mudded?
Not the same but your suggesting passives for characters with passives to make them unique.

Pretty strong passives as well.

You mean like his current passive? Minus the TI protection of course which would be too strong.

That’d be way to strong to just have as an inherent ability.

You’d need to make it gear and even then might as well just make it across the board.

What hes talking isnt too bad and could work, but pred would need to be stronger and in a better spot for ft to get stuff like this.


These are all good ideas but you got to remember if you make them too good they’re basically pay to win

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My God, Man, stop being so boring!.
It seems that for every Post that someone makes, it has to be a Scientific Thesis for You to Understand things!.
What a Damn!. The focus of the post is to show that these new soldiers that have been added could have had a better development.
To Be Worth Paying For Them.
Because I have seen that the Players are not playing with them in the Matches.
And I’m suggesting some things that could be a Differential.
How difficult is it for you to understand this?.

True it’s just more of his stance that’s problematic.

He’s saying this like it’s a new idea when he literally just explained passives.

His OWLF idea was literally his current passive that he already has but stronger.

His Dutch 1987 idea is literally Dutch 2025’s, and Recon’s passive but stronger.

His Dante idea is literally OWLF’s passive…

Not even stronger just the same.

And his Dutch 2025 idea is broken unless it was gear and if it is gear might as well make it available for everyone.

Boring is subjective

I find analysing and discussing ideas fun.

So stop with the ego and just don’t respond if you have a problem


And what’s wrong with that?

This is the forums. It has the best tools for having conversations on any platform sight. This is a place to share and discuss ideas.

What you want is an echo chamber and to cut off the discussion.


If you suggest something and it sucks does it matter?

That’s why I provide critism.

Aside from the enjoyment of having a discussion of course.

Oh I understand

mass-effect-garrus (1)

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If you want to have discussions, you are on the wrong topic.
This is the Feedback Thread.
Don’t you see how People Communicate in this Forum?.
Want to do an Analysis and Opinion on a Post, OK.
Analyze, Summarize and put your Opinion.
Forum responses are no more than two lines.

Now you want to continue quoting what the person wrote; It totally changes the context of the thing, and continues to push the person to the limit of patience to explain to you the things you seem to be pretending you don’t understand.
Nobody keeps quoting and repeating what the Person Wrote to be counter-arguing.

If You Don’t Like The Idea, Go Create Your Own Post Instead Of Criticizing Others’ Suggestions, Based On Your Dumb Talk That You Think It’s Cool To Discuss And Analyze Things.

You are not here to argue.
The only thing you want is to piss people off with your comments like you’re some PHD on the subject.

Do you work directly on the development of this Game?.
Do you work for Illfonic?.

If the answer is no, shut your big fucking mouth and stop bothering others, you pile of shit!.


It’s still an idea that can be broken down and analysed.

And the devs can see our discussion and see both sides of the argument. It still adds value.


It takes five second to say something and 10 hours to debunk it.

So no. I’ll need more than two lines.

No it doesn’t.

You still understand what you said. Just because it’s not in there doesn’t mean you don’t know what you wrote yourself.

Your right that is a problem.

Had this one dude king of the Predators, didn’t understand my point about how OBJ’s and killing the Predator work together in tandem to create core nature of the game.

Anyone can make this claim.

Also keep in mind this is all getting translated, or at least I’m assuming based on your quotes being in a different language.

So if I’m misunderstanding you it’s probably not my fault.


That’s literally what both of us, as well as several people have done before.

Echo chamber

May the long man be long forever

I.E yes this is fun. Stop having an ego. Or should I pull the you play video games card that’s been pulled in gamers for years now?




Alright true I’m sarcastic but that’s just being dramatic for extra fun and when people start acting like jerks I treat them in kind.

But if I wanted troll people I’d go on twitter.

Not to mention this is the forums.

People trash talk in here regularly.

Why would I try to troll people here?

I genuinely enjoy arguing.

In fact I’ve seen a video series that’s a 10 hour response to an hour long video. Discussion is fun.

Hey do you work for Illfonic?


Then maybe you should stop posting on the forums

Also how does working for a company, let alone Illfonic, dictate any sort of worth?

Man, Let’s Simplify Things.
I don’t work at Illfonic.
I think if I Worked I could make this Game one of the Best Selling Games.
But I really want the game to improve, because I really like this game.
And it doesn’t help when someone like you wants to debate things like that.
I only post my Ideas with this Purpose.
To Improve the Game.

Considering one of your defences is “my opinion” I’m inclined to not believe you.

So do I

And by having discussion and critisizing the idea we help come up with better work ideas and debunk bad idea’s.

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I say that the OWLF operative should get Unleashed and switch it with the Assault for Comms or Overwatch.


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