Next 2 DLC Preds and Expectations

So im going to bring this up again to see if we are allinterested in the same thing.
I’m really hoping for :

  1. Super Pred Body Type (with additional featured abilities)
  2. -Cleopatra (im expecting this, i just dont really care unless its part of point 1- because otherwise its just like the other cosplay preds and they weren’t very entertaining asides from seeing you fight against it - that meant i didnt buy ituntil the sale)
  3. Falconer and Tracker Masks and Falconer Drone. We know the drone is in the files and we really really really need new tools for Predator instead of melee weapons. I’m serious about this. We never got tools since launch so its been a long time coming.

We learned from the past DLCs that human DLCs are quite dull IMHO. It adds a little variety but not anything I think I would make my goto. The devs probably did this on purpose because of course nobody can out beat dutch as the go-to skin.

I’m hoping for a card system too. This is something that popped up so many times in other games its just going to be the new gameplay mechanic for any possible future online only game.

Now, included in that card system could be a night mode. I’m still ever vying for this one. I have since day one. It can be done, i just dont see why it hasn’t yet. It would be like seeing smoke grenades fuming all around you! How fun would that be?
Plus it would be cool if we got that sun out and put some moonlight.

I’m also in line with them aading Weekly Modifcations games that changes the gameplay slightly. Not anything drastic, but something that adds some flavour.
Like, of course big heads are needed, as well as a slight adjustment to gravity. Only enough to make it feel different. and - AI instant head shots coupled with Instant ChargedPred weapons.
I think a match with those included would be super entertaining for a weekly challenge. Instead we have to private play with this and its really a hit or miss with people on the friends list.


3 more masks. Another historic pred. Even more melee weapons and probably a reskinned smart disc.

Saved you the heartache.


Id say thats expected, dont say you’re going to like it.

Damnit, now you said it IllFonic’s gonna make the drone melee only, pred will walk up to ft and bonk them with it.


Yeah, sometimes that happens when i get to creative vomiting. ppl just like to spite me.
Then when i get a job, the economy goes to shit.
then wehn i have a baby, someone dies.


“Next 2 DLC preds and”

I fixed your title

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Better than what we get with Pred at least

Every Pred is either

Throw on adrenal and use the bow


Throw on impen and use the bow

Change bow for plasma canon for the chads out there

Vague, please elaborate

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I never understood why the Super Predator was put in place of the OG Bad Blood

I just hope they can pad out each release beyond a character and a weapon

Toss in some other weapons/gear/cosmetics/perks for our other characters too



Super Predators are a separate species of Predator correct?

maybe Different race.but not species. and the official write up said they were young adolescent preds feuding with the original.

In the comic Predator Bad Blood I think it was the same type of Yautja just they hunted other Yautja

Bad bloods are Yautja who break the honor code

The preds in preds were a different race who happen to be bad blood (though they tend to be bad bloods more often than the original)

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I thought part of their code was don’t hunt other Yautja

That is but bad blood also extends to other things too such as killing unarmed opponents (opponents who WERE armed still count)

Except bad bloods you can hunt them

I don’t see why they didn’t stick with this angle

I guess to create a different looking predator

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Ya. From what I heard on the AVP galaxy podcast they were originally going to be genetically altered (yay more the Pred)

So they toned down that storyline for what we got

Either way it’s realistic and it gave us night something something I’m bad at names

Cleopatra is going to be a very strong Predator class, and once everyone has bought the dlc they will nerf it.
The weapon they’ll introduce will be a khopesh.

why kopesh?
couldnt it be a scythe? I think Night storm (that toy of the edgyptian pred) had one or a spear or someshit.

They’d been planning on hybrids and for some reason they really wanted to do that to the point it’s kind of like stealing Spock’s brain. Novels kind of did it, Concrete Jungle did it, the AVP comics had the Predalien and white hybrids as well as a black goo monster, The Predator happened, they’d planned on doing that for the third film and just kind of stuck with the designs when it was dropped, genetic augmentation is in the official backstory for Alpha, etc.

Someone at Fox really wants to see some wacky looking Predators cause they’d been doing that for decades.

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