Nighttime mode is horrible

It seems like night time games happen more often than not. There should be a choice on the location screen to play this, it’s not fun and most people hate it.


Speak for yourself.

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I do think we get night mode way too often

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If you are the pred and the FT isnt potatos Yeah get ready to suffer

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For some people, harder it’s a synonim for hatred.
Yes, nighttime is way harder for the Pred, specially on Headquarters and if you lose the mask, it get’s even worse. But that’s when the real good Preds gotta take the bunnies out of the hat.
And this is coming from a guy that’s an average player as Pred, if even that.

It’s an easy mode for ft players. Cloak functions way worse and you can’t see shit without your mask. While for ft there is barely any difference from the day mode and you can see the pred all across the map.

Are you a masochist mate?

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Of course not. That’s why i use mask protection perk on night missions. 🤣🤣🤣

How you gonna fix the cloak issue? There is no such perk.

And why should I be forced to use a certain perk just for the night map?

Then they should make it way darker and force ft to use the night vision. Then it might be considered as a fair trade. Untill then the night mode is a piece of crap.

Cloak is a laugh in this game. Day or night time. Only effective at +50m so…
You are not forced to use it. I use it so i don’t lose the ability to find pigs.
Yeah, night mode for Pred is a complete disadvantage, but like i said, good Pred players should look at it more of a challenge instead of crying about it… But i understand some players want it easy cause it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun and not something to be stressed about.

You’re right, night maps are horrible, for pred. Those poor sentient glow sticks are very limited in them. The only issue for FT is having to put on NV for 2 seconds to see a rock on the absolute darkest part of the map and then taking it off.

I really hate night maps. Both for Predator and Fireteam. And we do get night maps way too often.


You don’t go full invisible at +50 on a Nightmode map

Yes you are

So you don’t like when the odds are even? That’s what you are trying to say?

Quickplay matches doesn’t count. Winning against braindead potatoes isn’t a big deal.

[quote=“Thunderwolf450, post:13, topic:27304”]
So you don’t like when the odds are even? That’s what you are trying to say?[/quote]

Of course i like it. But when they are not, i don’t cry about it. It is what it was. It’s just a simple indie game full of flaws. If people don’t like it, just leave it and go play something else, if not, just try to accept it like it is and one can only hope it get’s better, being certain that crying rivers on a forum it’s not gonna perform a miracle.

I know it’s not. I didn’t even brought that up, but ok…
But since you did, on Privates you have the chance to modify the setting to balance things up. You do that?

Saying that night mode is a piece of shit cause it’s unbalanced is considered whining?

Or simply don’t play the nightmode it until it gets fixed.

We do a better thing.
We just don’t bring OP bullshit in privates.

Saying it once, no.
Saying it over and over, yes.

That or just try t9 have fun with what you have. It’s a question of open mind.

What’s OP in this game? 9 sec spot? Multiple FM? Broken Fanatic specialization? Elder/Stalker/Downrange/Disc? Recently buffed handheld plasma caster? Battle Axe? Infinite ammo from shoulder cannon? Infinite HP source from pigs? Tell me, cause there are OP things on both sides.

I don’t consider stating facts as whining

There is no fun in being in such a disadvantage. Maybe against potatoes.

It’s pretty simple actually. Recon with tracker, FM specialization, support as a class and Dante. That’s it. Disk can also be considered overpowered and but not as much and only sometimes.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this. This is the same behavior that leads to complacency and for the devs to not care.

Remember back when an update caused the AI to deal massive damage to all players. You had people speaking up about it and then you had people who told those people to shut up and go play another game because this feature is amazing, and praised Illfonic for the change. After a few days they then reversed it, this wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t complain.

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I think that massive damage from AI was an actual mistake made on an update and not an actual feature.
I agree when you say that’s what cause devs to not care anymore, but let me ask: after 2 years, when actually the devs heard the community?
Domln’t take my words wrong, i respect all you guys opinion as i expext you to respect mine. And mine is, at this point, i just accept what this game is right now. There are OP features on both sides, those who use it only means 2 things: or they want to win at all cost or they are just weak enough they need to use it to survive through the march and have a little more fun.
Also, crying about those things over and over doesn’t get us anywhere. There are dozen on threads here reporting that and it’s not on our hands to change it.

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The same can be said aboit those FT OP things.
Recon/tracker most of the times is paper weighted, and can be easily killed.
Being a FM or Damte is the same thing as having a target on ypur forehead, a good Pred will focus on him .
Multiple FM or Dante, i agree that can be OP.

I meant that in general it is better to voice your opinion on something in a game whether it be harsh criticism or feedback otherwise it would cause complacency/devs to not realize there is a problem.

The example I used was due to the fact that no one could tell whether or not it was a feature or a bug because they did up the damage on the patch notes. Had no one said anything then we’d be playing PMC: Hunting Grounds featuring the predator and the FT.

As for this game I’ve given up all hope of true balance or dev/player feedback. Two years and the same shit over and over again. Normally when there is a vocal outcry by the community regarding a weapon/class/feature, etc. that is OP, devs will take a look into the problem and see whether or not there is any weight to their argument. These devs don’t care tho since the most broken meta shit has been broken for a long time ie Field Medic, Axe exploit and all the other shit.