No, lowering the graphics is not cheating, no matter what you say/think

Here’s a fact, since PC games came out PC players have always sacrificed visuals for performance, not the other way around. When Doom 3 came out back in 2004 there was no GPU at the moment that could play it at its potential. Same thing with Crysis and then Crysis 3. We all lowered the graphics to get a playable game, we didn’t set everything to Ultra and then played at 20 FPS.

Now this game does not seem that visually demanding, but the reality, because of it’s poor optimization, is that it is very demanding. A 1440P monitor running @140Hz, the “standard” for a gaming monitor nowadays, this game will never hit those FPS, even with a 2080 Ti, unless you lower your graphics. That is a fact.

We will never sacrifice performance (FPS) for visuals. Never have and never will. Only casuals do that. And for a game that is competitive in its nature, more and more people will keep doing what we have always done until they fix the performance issues and we can play this game without FPS drops on higher graphics settings.

Call it whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean you are correct. We have been doing this for decades.


Smells like…salt in the air.


When it makes the pred entirely visible even if their not doing it for that benifit if it somewhat makes hunting the pred seems easyier it’s an exploit of graphics making pred entirely visible :b


Even if your intentions are not to cheat, lowering the graphics gives you a huge advantage when you’re playing fireteam which is basically cheating.


But the PS4 players don’t have this “”“tactic”"", so what can we call a team of PC players that lowers their graphics, and now can easily spot a PS4 player playing as a Predator and can’t do nothing about it? The same can happen with a PS4 FT and a PC Predator.

Bonus point: The PS4 player already is at advantage against PC players


of course it gives you an advantage, is called constant FPS… and it doesn’t give you an “advantage” when playing as pred? riiiiiight

Cause your somehow better than them, how small is your ego?

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First of all, is not a “tactic”, it is not done to “see” in the far distance, it is done to improve framerate, because framerate on this game is just crap, even with the most powerful GPU out at the moment. Console players don’t have this settings because almost all games for consoles are done by big companies who make sure the game is playable on the hardware. Clearly, illfonic is not that and doesn’t care the game has serious performance issues on the console as well.

Now when it comes to console players accusing PC players of cheaters, the list goes on from graphics to using a mouse and keyboard

smaller than your dick

Funny thing about dicks, they grow but your little ego will say the same.

(Originally I was gonna make a joke about how huge your ego is but my dick is irrelevant to the topic.)

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It’s not just about FPS. When you lower your graphics the predator’s cloak is pretty much useless as you can see him when he’s cloaked. What advantage would a predator player get from adjusting their graphics settings?

I’m a PS4 player and I’ve recently turned off crossplay because I got tired of dealing with these types of PC cheaters.

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You know how people say that PC Players aren’t taken seriously anymore? This is why. You guys aren’t some pros that are good at a multiplayer game by changing the graphics to make everything a giant target, you’re just scrubs, both FT and Predator alike.


Why is it your assumptions all those who lower their graphics are not only cheaters but FT players? That doesnt make sense . LMFAO

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A PC pred can get rid of the undergrowth the same way can’t they?

I’m not a PC player but that would be a decent sized advantage.

I’m saying that fireteam players are the ones that benefit the most by lowering their graphics.

People aren’t lowering their settings because their PCs can’t cope - they’re doing it specifically to exploit the ability to see players better. That is cheating no matter how you try to weasel out of it.


50/50, some does to improve the quality of the game, while others do to give them advantage. Until this moment, I have only met the later.

Can’t the PC players limit the search for matches only for PC players?

He wants to feel superior, or he’d just turn off cross play.

Dude, NO GPU can run this game at it’s potential (Cinematic settings), NONE. Even at 1080P @ 60FPS. You can’t be asking people to sacrifice their performance because the game optimization is trash. You also have to admit that most PC gamers today own a 1440P 144Hz monitor. That’s the industry standard at the moment.

When I am playing with at least 2 other PC players, I always turn off crossplay. Not because I think is unfair, but because it just becomes boring. I turn it on when I’m playing solo because matchmaking times will be almost equal to playing Predator. I only play Predator on private matches against full PC Death squads.


Ok, maybe I miss judged you but I’m still not for the attitude about casual(s).