No, lowering the graphics is not cheating, no matter what you say/think

Are you saying that they are doing this or that they should? I don’t see your point other than a ‘could be,might be, not sure’ situation. Either way its useless to think it that way unless you’re bothered by the 1/100 chance possiblity that they are because you find PC FT players hard to beat.

If they are playing on a PC, chances are likely they want the full experience. Meaning they would leave it at the moderate but nice video setting.
But you do realize they are using keyboard and mouse too?

I don’t feel superior. If you have a bad connotation of the word “casual” that’s on you. That’s like people who think being called “fat” is an insult, when in reality they are fat.

I was a casual gamer (and probably still are for a lot of games) for a long time. Easy mode, low fps, single player, etc. There are differences in the approach to gaming. It doesn’t mean one is superior to the other… but if you wanna think there is, then that is on you.


If you’re calling someone fat it is an insult.

Thought I made it pretty clear I consider it cheating. If PC players want to play each other with craptactular graphics fine, but the people doing this are primarily doing it so they have an advantage over PS4 players and PC players with integrity.

Not if they are fat

I see your point, yet there are people who willing lowers the game quality to actually have the advantage over anyone playing on normal settings, sure we can call it a “solution” to performance, but what about those who pulls out this kind of thing on someone playing fair?

Playing on PC is an advantage to PS4 on any First Person Shooter. It has nothing to do with hardware or graphics. A mouse is way more accurate than a controller (coming from someone who played this game for more than two months using a controller)

My point i’m trying to make is that THEY ARE NOT ALL using crappy settings. Whats your beef? That the possiblity exists?

Bigfoot might exist.Why do you go hunt one!

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Dude everyone on PC has a different GPU, some will get better performance than others. We can’t be calling other gamers “cheaters” just because we don’t/can’t upgrade our hardware to compete with them. That’s nonesense.


I’ve seen videos of what the game looks like for PC players who lower the settings. It gives a huge advantage. That is what I’m talking about.

Ive seen bigfoot videos too. WHats your point?

That’s the “golden point”, I’m ok with those that has no option, but I think it’s a dick move of those who can play the game on normal or even high settings but choses to lower them so they can have the advantage.

and in all honesty, I posted this because I’m just tired of every predator that we beat comes out toxic, even jumping on our discord and insulting us. Is not like we win 100% of the time either. We have plenty of losses. But when I die on a game, I don’t blame my teammates, I don’t blame the game balance, I don’t accuse the predator of cheating… I BLAME MYSELF. I’m the only one to blame.

Constantly blaming others or the game itself for your mistakes is toxic af.

almost no one can play this game on normal or high settings, unless they have a 2080Ti and a 720P monitor… a very, very, very unlikely combination.

You become completely irrelevant when you state your thoughts and feelings as fact, as you have in your title.

That’s the way you want to play tho, il speak your language.
Fuck you, you’re wrong.
You just want to easily see your opponent.



Waiting for someone to mention the built-in aim assist on PS4 ^_^

I don’t care what you think, since you dont care what others think.
I’m willing to talk shit out. And hear out other people.

But not with those who want to act like only their perception matters.
When you act like that, you dont deserve to live.

Cause all it does is create unnecessary drama and bullshit.