No, lowering the graphics is not cheating, no matter what you say/think

TRAAASSHHH. justify your shit skills anyway you want… you sound and look stupid. Your trash pc player with nothing to prove other than needing handicaps.

If you can’t play ball like the rest of us, and win with what we are givin, then you blow. Simple as that .


It is not cheating in the same way that if steroids were allowed in bodybuilding then taking them would not be cheating. It would still be against the spirit of the competition.

It is however gaining an advantage that was never intended to exist in the game. Low settings are intended for people with low spec pc’s, not to let you spot a pred across the map.

So cheating? No. Exploiting? Yes.

James Cameron runs his graphics on IMAX mode. The jungle is so thick he can barely see a thing.


I meant exploit :b

Guy who cheats for years says its not cheating since he got away with it for so long.


I will put it simple, people using options the developers put in with the intent of being use are NOT cheaters or exploiters, its stupid beyond belief to even suggest it. Do you consider PC players using M&K the same thing because PS players use controllers (for the most part)? Now is it bad design how this was implemented? That one you need to take it out with the developers and its another discussion.


Fireteam cannot spot James Cameron, James Cameron spot Fireteam

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as i am a PC player and indeed not rich i can say that is not the case, however i do fully understand where your coming form. like to you good sir

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Predators dont suck yes aliens are better only one small problem THIS IS A PREDATOR GAME

get your Xeno loving ass out of here

JK JK love yea Xoxo

hahahaha fancy word for try to justify the exploitation of game breaking settings but ok ;) its even more true when you’r computer HAVE the capacity to run on high for every settings and turn at 60 FPS so really BITCH PLEASE

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No I dont use this I’m not on pc but that has been a complaint several times on the forum, that on higher settings the frames drop, its probably not on their end as to why they drop either so players are doing what they have to do to make the game playable for themselves for now

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If the developers put in a I WIN button with the intent of being use (not some slip in by accident that’s going to be patched in) its not cheating or exploiting if I push it. Its as stupid as saying clock is an exploit for the predators. There is no fancy wording in my post, I am telling you people are using options the developers put in with the intent of being use. Why someone is using it, its irrelevant. If it gives you an advantage that is fine, again, the DEVELOPERS put it in for you to use, like CLOCK!

It just goes to show how much I loved this movie as a kid, but I’m still not a sore loser

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you’ll die form i guess a belly bruster?

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I think you know where this about to go

that very hypocrite to say that man you are trying to justify the abuse of that “Win button” like you love to call it using the old good “The Dev HAVE CREATED IT SO ITS NO EXPLOIT” but the problem IT IS, and keep trying to justify its abusing use instead of trying to solve the problem ITS BAD lets face it ITS BAD and show a clear lack of skill if people rely on it for win against predator because in normal settings people who abuse would not win that much and would have an actual challenge against the pred.

but no instead of trying to solve it you call out people and tell them to shut up and just deal with it because by reading you’r message you DONT WANT that to change

in doing so you are as much as guilty as the dev for that and even more as the developpers never intended to make the low settings such a big of an advantage for FT and Predator alike.

EDIT: for peoples who agree with me lets make a damn post in the feedback for ask Illfonic to change that up in the futur and for the other stop using it and show that you have actua skill and that you dont need a damn exploit for win games. (expect if you play on a potato computer who can barely handle mid graphic, in that case you are forgiven)

Then don’t spend a thousand on a pc get a damn 500 console their clearly superior


What I want to know now is what exactly happend in those woods??? XD

uh no? XDDDDDD

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Lmaoaooa I mean he’s complaining about halfing to turn down settings for a console game 😂 don’t play on pc I never half to turn down shit 🤣

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