No PC Players do not cheat

Im honestly tired of saying this

You wanna say using low graphics is cheating, go ahead say it. But don’t come saying aimbots and wallhacks because there isn’t a single public aimbot and/or wallhack for this game.

Programing such things requires knowledge on game programing, particularly DX development. It also requires a lot of time. Go ahead and google “directx11 chams” and see if you can understand anything. I don’t and I know anyone who isn’t a game developer probably won’t either.

The people you constantly accuse of using such hacks, I play with and against them all the time and…

  • They constantly miss shots (no aimbot)
  • They have a hard time finding you when you hide (no wallhack)

Your accusations are simply unreal. There isn’t a universal godmode for all games on PC.

Fucking learn a thing or two before talking so much shit about a thing you don’t know how works.


Pc gamers invented hacking


The single fact you feel so compelled to defend these accusations, sorta makes you look guilty. Just saying…

May as well just play the game and not feed into the negativity?

Also, who cares?

The amount of folk telling me I hack is hilarious. Do I care?

Fuck no lmao.

Ps4 btw…


Low graphics is exploiting the game period. And simply because you don’t use hacks doesn’t mean others don’t. So…before you come on here acting like a jackass maybe think before you do it?


Oh boo fucking hoo.
Back on mw3 a lot of ppl used to accuse me of aim bot.
I just had quick reflexes and map knowledge.

Yes pc players cheat.
Guess what?
So do console players.

It’s just not all of them.
There seems to just be more on pc.
Fun fact, of all my time playing this game, ive ran into one group that had one person who seemed to use a hack that was pc, and two on ps.

If you get accused of hacking or cheating, and dont, then just ignore it.


Oh another thing, apparently theres a fk ton of Hacks for a lot of games.
Shit I heard there was even Hacks for fall guys which, why anyone would want hacks for that is beyond me.


He was talking about PHG, I have found cheaters only one game since I play this game.

True! Trust me! I’ve tried every fucking thing… dose not work ;-(

No. The very first statement says the reason. Is just frustrating that so many of you cannot simply accept the fact that there are better players than you out there. And every time you encounter one your childish reaction is “he must be cheating”

Last time I’ve checked in wikipedia, it said that Russians invented hacking XDDDDDDDDD

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That’s just being more specific lol


PC Players use linux. They know your IP and make your game crash when you are winning. LMFAO

There are some clip on twitch in which my friends get accused of cheating and get reported. Then I went to see the point of view of the fireteam member and the Predator was crouch walking with cloak thinking he was invisible😂.


Ok… I’m prette sure this game dose not work with Linux ;-)

Actually, no. It was console developers (remember gameshark and the likes?)

PC never really needed hacking. Back in the day almost all games had an open console where you could input commands to activate “godmode” and other stuff. There was no hacking involved.

You are forgetting about the Legendary ping manipulation. Dude some guys don’t even know that if you get matched with anerican and you are from Europe your ping will be 150😂.

totally me ;-)

The computer came first stop trying to cover your tracks lol

when there’s a will there’s a way

some console players will argue that point. they say console gaming came first so… pick your side