Noob to PHG but long time Predator fan.

Firstly i think the game is a load of fun for a long time predator fan like myself. I think it is well balanced - if you come up against a well formed Fire Team the predator has no chance, if you face an uncoordinated group then its easy work to pick through them.

I would like to see longer games though, some are over in 5 minutes.

I would also love to see the Predator be able to string people and AI up and skin them. Perhaps more vocal mimicry too.

Also be good to see all the OG Fire Team as DLC - and finally maybe for a second release but city maps with Pred 2 OG Keys and Harrigan.


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First, illfonic doesnt listen to anyone lol.
Two, this game has no balance lol.

It’s an ok game.


City hunter is currently in the game

He ment Harrigan and Keyes. Which makes me suspicious because he should have said Jerry and Tony Pope if he were a true fan

Also, welcome to the forums OP


We can agree that’s broken right?


Useful website for ya. All kinds a good info to help you
Created by the forums own @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK



As for your wishes. Well, good luck with that!

You’ll quickly realize that this game is nothing more than a gigantic, wasted opportunity with plenty of questionable design choices, persistent bugs and severe content drought.

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Excuse Me but King Willie is the Correct Answer 😂


Close 3rd…close

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This dread man…truly DREAD!
Nothing else for you here…Mr Cadi…Time To Go


James Cameron welcomes you. My fellow melons will be glad to help.

Cheers all. We all know Gary “Utah get me two” Busey was the true hero of Predator 2, but yea Narcos Vs King Willie Vs Predator.

I’m starting to like this guy…

Still disagree but…I’m starting to like him

Well balanced LMFAO

I like your attitude Dude and welcome to the community and don’t you ever… Ever, ever, ever say well balanced again because it certainly is not.

But is he willing to swear allegiance to the mega ultra melon and follow the ways of James Cameron?


Did James Cameron just assume my gender?

But yea the more I have played it and the more the “matchmaking” is dictating the team ups… fire team is way OP. I haven’t face a group of uncoordinated fireteam in an while now. Their spotting is way to easy too…as a noob you cant see shit…now I’m playing more experienced people I’m spotted all the time.

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Lol play with some of the long time players if you want to get a good feel for how stuff is at its core lol.

James Cameron issued you your gender.