Not enough xp as Pred..

“Then he needs to chill out and realize he’ll never get what he wants. Also, its good to play both sides to learn all the mechanics of the game; he’ll be a better Pred player because of it. Everyone will tell him this.”

That is true, not denying that. Too bad this game can’t be better so you could actually have fun depending on what you want to play instead of being forced to play things you don’t enjoy to get something or learn something.

“Nice white horse you got there.”

I don’t understand this reference, sorry.

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Git gud

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What is the point of this 12 year old phrase trolling? Honestly, genuinely, what enjoyment do you get? :)

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I enjoy playing non buggy games and I do not enjoy listening to people complain about their own lack of skills

So what are you doing on this forum if you enjoy non buggy games?

How’s this lack of skill when the game system is mathematically made in favour of the FT in terms of earning things?


This game used to be fun

I’m trying like all of you to make it fun again


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You make every day fun for me <3


By trolling legit concern posts with “git gud”? :)

So you guys love just horsing around on the forum instead of making this game better?

Says it all to me :)

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Who says you can’t do both? Lol




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Well you’re not being efficient doing both and it clearly reflects on the quality of your game.

Two breakups in one week, how will I ever survive?

Are you suggesting that their employee that does community engagement should be spending more time coding?

I’m not sure that those two duties typically overlap for a single employee.


Since their company is so small I don’t know. They might give some moderating duties to coders, who knows how the insides work there… Look at the quality of the games :/

Try to you know… kill some FT? You get around 2,000 XP for every FT kill… Try that…

They’re much larger than they used to be. They did an interview last week where they talk about how they’ve hired a bunch of new people over the course of PHG, especially QA people (which they admit they had just a few people for PHG)

Though it does sound more or less like they’re cutting down the PHG team and don’t plan on doing anything assymetrical in the future and only plan on doing casual stuff.