Oh GOUD: The Matrix Ressurrections 2021 REVIEW.

Makes you shake your head doesn’t it? You’ve watched it yet?
Well if you haven’t stop now!

Spoilers below:

Felt like a shitty poorly casted and scripted sitcom or B-movie all within a bigger budgeted movie which had more nods and easter eggs from it for nastolgia- should that have been?
If it proved to be some forward thinking movie like in the first film would they have had their hands slapped for it? Maybe we could have had some forward thinking script in the first 20 mins so that ideas such as pendemic, hermit society, quantum computing, government controls could mean something more but I don’t know maybe this movie shoudln’t have been released without a better script. They went from the Crow (film) visuals to like…fucking Sex in the City visuals very quicly to establish their main plot line. This makes me crave for a Cyberpunk 2077 film like right away. Keanu needs more unique roles with better scope. The main plot plays like a parody of the first three films. Integrating those plots into it in a joking fashion makes this almost like a weekend get away or a weekend effort to write the plot. OMG…this is so a workshop class where Anderson (keaunu) is a game designer (how did that happen- beats me) where everyone in his company is trying hard (for no apparent reason) to rejuvenate their game(which they kind of state the first three films (and their technological achievements) as their genius selling points rather than the actual shitty ps2 game). Maybe that was the initial point- to forget of the ps2 game.
Mind you, those were some bad points, but there are good. There are reflections of trinity and neo’s characters that make them bring a character based perspective to it. Its real and heart felt, good scripting here but its like a deeper interview from what interviews you have from the actors already in the media. Weird right?
Another thing, they could have avoided this empty rehashing if they went to rehire the cast from morphius to the agents but I would believe they would have spend half an hour to repatriate their characters in different roles which required many many more minutes of character developemtn to make them more believable. I’m sure they could have but they didn’t. For instance the red pill and blue pill point. If we as the audience were to believe Lawrence Fishbourne came back in a different role, this would require quite a bit of riffing to believe that he was a different person, same goes for Agent Smith in the role of his boss. For those many years that transpired in this film between the last film in the franchise it would have been a real interesting idea to noodle but would needed to been very very very convincing. I’m kind of surprised they didnt take the time to make this a 3.5 hr movie just to do this. But if it could that these characters aren’t really developed in the first place and would require those actors to be prominent in the film for much too long. SHAME ! But whatever.

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I mean they could have set the “MATRIX” in some other time period like in the 1890s or 1920s or something and make it seem like a post-nazi conquering the west kind of thing…but its psuedo reality (our reality), which kind of makes it akward. But to sum it up, the first act shouldn’t be the most important as there is quite a bit of emphasis on the real world. There is a large re-introduction to the real-world in the second half of the film with the machines and all which plays an important part of the plot.

Haven’t seen it…yet. Its really 3.5 hrs long?

I was kinda turned off by Trinity being so central to the plot, as it seemed in the trailer. She is important because it’s their love that drives the choice that Neo made at end of M2 and supposedly her kiss reanimated him at the end of M1 (would Neo have died otherwise).

There was also another question driving me mad. No it’s not what the matrix is 😂 How could the Oracle know that Trinity would fall for Neo? Is it from Trinity’s ‘observation’ of Neo? She could ‘know’ that Morpheus will find the one cause Morpheus is looking for the one. She could know that Neo is the one by seeing something in the code. But how could she predict human emotions?

Sorry for the diversion.

its one of those biblical things. You have go with it. because oracles a child.

How is she a child? I don’t get it. Isn’t she a ‘mother’. Agent Smith in M3 mentioned in when he comes to take over.

Hod up, i got her mixed up with the child who bends spoons. Who gives a fuck!?

I guess it doesn’t really matter, just a question i had.

who gives a flying fux? they all just stupid shits moving plot forward anyway! They dress them up like fat women and children then suddenly they become important!

Matrix community might.

As i was looking this up there was a misunderstanding of what Trinity says at the end of M1, when neo dies. People though she said that the ‘oracle told her that she would fall in love with a dead man’ which dudnt make sense on some level (i forget the reason).

is that some kind of mob? should i keep my mouth shut? are you with them?

I’m not with them. That question was explored about a decade ago. Most of them are probably dead by now.

Then who gives a flying fox~

Maybe their keeds

I don’t think anyone just gives foxes. They’re pretty pricy. Never heard of a flying fox

Anyways, the film is onyl 2.5 hours but kind of should have been an extra hour if they delved into the first half more differently. This film sort of tried out modern sitcom/film on large budget but we are going ‘where did budget go?’. .

3.5 hrs is way too late my for a movie. Even 2.5 is pushing in. I barely sat through 3.5 hrs of Avatar and i don’t think I’ll watch it again…well, not in one sitting.

Probably high insurance rates in case someone gets shot on the set

They put outsome kind of Unreal companion game, i think i know where budget went.
They really could have went somewhere with the first half being an actual reality disposition that is unlike the original film. We already knew the intent of the reality of the original film’s Matrix VR, if they went with something different in a different era …it could have given it an extra dimension.

The second half becomes a contuinuation of the neo/trinity saga so that could have existed completely on it’s own.

Maybe going even more futuristic was too much werk and going into the past would just be dull

yeah but when you have Keanu reeves in it, people would be intrigued possibly. Considering how little he is in films these days.
He could have been in Japan, or 1920s America, or 1800 Transylvania! But i guess budget would evaporate easily like that.
But they just chose to film it on any other day in a big city with the cast being ‘whoever’ was available.

Been there done that…radical, dude

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That would have been cool though. Him being chased by Agents in Transylvania trying to figure out where the fuck he was.

“i’m in the past” “Whoa”“ive been here 13 years- Whoa” “I know sword fighting!”

But they went like, in an office building and he wore a winter cap ,the whole half hour took 15 minutes to film.

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