Ok, I have it! New FT class and maps. Best idea yet

Class: OWLF agent (Keyes’ insulating suit from Predator 2).
Gear: liquid nitrogen cannon for live capture of Predators, Desert Eagle for lethal force as needed, ultraviolet vision to spot predators, Emp mines to temporarily short out Predator power supply, 2 stim packs.

Maps: Abandoned nuclear silo, OWLF Predator dissection lab (PDL), Predator ship crash site.

One on One/two on two/four on four match between Predator(s) and Owlf agent(s).
Agent is fully invisible to Predator infrared vision, however additional Predator vision/audio modes/motion detectors CAN give away Owlf agent location. Agent has high health/armor level, but reduced speed/stamina. Liquid nitrogen cannon does not need to reload, however a plasma/arrow shot to the backpack can disable cannon. If Predator is downed alive (frozen) he/she cannot set off bomb and Agent must defend live capture from invading Stargazer heavy AI agents until match ends. If Predator is killed outright, body is destroyed or sets off bomb, match ends. If Agent is downed, Agent sets off his own self destruct device and Predator MUST long claim to diffuse bomb, or escape blast radius. Arena spawns more and more Ai units the longer the match goes on. No chopper calling, no escaping. Only one player/team can win. Rounds are up to 20 minutes. Discuss please.

Sounds familiar:

I hope we do get Keyes or Keyes junior at some point. The liquid nitrogen guns are very cool (😉).

This isn’t intended as criticism, but new classes need to be considered for how they will effect overall balance in a regular hunt match. In your head you need to think ‘what’s the grossest use’ of this idea? What happens if the whole lobby runs it? is it still fair?
Thanks for sharing your version of Keyes.

Nice. Wish I’d read that. Flamethrower sounds amazing